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How To Reserve A Trip
Make sure you have a ride!  Follow this procedure in order to ensure stress-free trip planning.
Before booking your flight:
  • Make sure there are airport shuttles running on the day and time of your desired flight. Airport shuttles for the entire school year are scheduled and posted online at the beginning of each fall semester.  Shuttles run immediately before and after all major University breaks, and we do not provide shuttles on unscheduled days or times. 
  • Total one-way trip time, barring any traffic or construction delays, is one (1) hour. Please schedule a shuttle on which you will arrive at the airport with enough time to check baggage, go through security, and arrive at your gate prior to boarding.  Please reference the Pittsburgh International Airport for additional information.
At least three weeks in advance:
  • Once your flight is confirmed, fill out a WJU Reservation Form. Even if you call or visit the office to make a reservation, you must visit the website and go through this process. You will receive an email within the following five (5) business days confirming your reservation. NOTE: Please ensure the form online is for the correct University break. If it is not, please call the Office of Student Life at (304) 243-2210.
About a week in advance:
  • Check your email for a final confirmation and instructions regarding your scheduled trip. This email will include the date and time of your trip and the name of the driver of your shuttle. If you need to cancel or make changes to the reservation or if you did not receive a confirmation email, please call the Office Of Student Life at the number above as soon as possible. If you will be taking a shuttle returning to Wheeling Jesuit University from Pittsburgh International Airport, the cell phone number of the driver for that trip will also be included, in the event of a canceled or delayed flight that will affect your shuttle time. In the event of a canceled or delayed flight, you must call the driver as soon as possible to inform him of her of the change. Please reference the Airport Shuttle Policies for more information.
The day of your shuttle trip:
  • For shuttles leaving Wheeling Jesuit University, arrive at Das Rathskellar (The Ratt) ten (10) minutes before your shuttle is scheduled to depart. The shuttle leaves at precisely the time it is scheduled to depart. In the event you miss your shuttle, you may take the next one only if there are still spaces available. Keep in mind this may result in your missing your flight. Neither Wheeling Jesuit University nor anyone acting on behalf of the University will be held responsible for any costs incurred by a missed flight.
  • For shuttles leaving Pittsburgh International Airport, wait at Door 7 of the curbside passenger pick-up area outside of Baggage Claim. Door 7 is the door farthest to the right when exiting the building. NOTE: Do not use the “Commercial” curbside pick-up area.
  • Be sure to have $10.00 cash in order to pay the driver the fee before the shuttle departs. Please have the exact amount, as generally, the driver does not carry change.

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