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Campion Hall

Campion Hall

Campion primarily houses first-year male students. It is designed in traditional style - double occupancy rooms that open into a common hallway. Each hallway houses between 25 - 30 students. Campion is adjacent to McHugh Hall. Both buildings share common areas such as laundry facilities, a kitchen, snack machines, and a large co-ed lounge. Hallways in both Campion and McHugh have TV and study lounges as well as public telephones. Private phone hook-ups are available in each room. Telephone & Cable Services are provided. One additional benefit is the availability of air conditioning in students' rooms. The design of the hall offers the opportunity to develop a sense of belonging and community unique to each hallway.

Campion Hall Staff                                      
Meet the Campion Hall Staff 
Hugh Mulvey - Resident Director 
Area Office: 304-243-2301                                     

Room Dimensions
15' 5" W x 10' 10" L
(closet extends into room 5'4")

Window Dimensions
7' 2" W x 4' 0" L
(windows are equipped with mini-blinds)

Room Furnishings
Each room has two of the following: beds, desks, study chairs, closets, bureaus, mirrors, wall lights and corkboards. The room also has a small wastebasket. Campion is an air conditioned building. The mattresses are regular twin size. There is a community shower shared by the residents of the floor. The rooms do not have carpet.

Supplies to Bring
Extension cord, power strip, area carpet/throw rug, desk lamp, alarm clock, iron/ironing board, stereo, dry erase board, masking tape, towels, hair dryer, laundry basket, bed linens, hangers, tv/vcr, telephone, small refrigerator, fan, cleaning supplies, stackable crates, posters to decorate.** No open coil cooking appliances such as hot plates and toasters are allowed.

Campion and McHugh share a laundry room. Laundry rooms are free and open to residents only.

There is a TV in the 24 hour lounge, the only area where residents of both Campion and McHugh can have female visitors once visitation hours are over. There are also televisions in the study lounges on the 1st and 3rd floors.

Cable/Phone Service
Cable and Telephone services are provided in each room.  Only local telephone service is provided 

Computer Lines
See Residence Hall Network Requirements.
See the Computer Lab in Campion/McHugh Hall.

Vending Machines
A vending area is located near the front desk. Soft drinks and change are available in the area.

Kitchen Facilities
There is a small kitchen area located next to the laundry room that contains a sink, microwave, refrigerator, and stove. This space is available to all residents of the building. There are also pots, pans, and other cooking utensils available.

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