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Any individual who is aware of a crime committed on the campus should contact Campus Safety & Security at extension 2486.

Campus Safety & Security will conduct an investigation and will write an incident report.
Campus Safety & Security may contact the police, when the University is the victim of the crime.

If requested by the victim, Campus Safety & Security will contact the police on behalf of any member of the University community if they wish to file a police report.

For crimes in progress where a personís physical safety is at risk, the police should be contacted directly by calling 9-911 before contacting Campus Safety & Security.

The Director of Campus Safety & Security will report all campus crime to the V.P. for Student Affairs who inform the Senior Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs and other appropriate Executive Members as deem necessary.

In accordance with federal law, the Director of Campus Safety & Security will be responsible for maintaining a clearly posted Campus Crime Log in the Campus Safety & Security office and make the Annual Crime Report available to all members of the University community.

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