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Time to Completion FAQ

How long will it take to earn my certificate at Wheeling Jesuit University?
The ACT program completion time can vary from candidate to candidate. The amount of time it will take you depends upon three factors which will be communicated to you in your personal Academic Action Plan (AAP).

  1. The concentration you enroll in and the field of your BA/BS degree,
  2. the knowledge and skills you possess in your chosen concentration as demonstrated by the Praxis II assessment and transcript analysis,
  3. your self-motivation and determination to stay in the ACT program sequence and concurrently complete any additional course work needed in your chosen concentration.
You will work with your faculty advisor to determine a plan for you. At its core will be the ACT  program’s standard sequence which begins annually, in the spring and delivers courses in educator training per semester for 5 terms over an 18 month period.  This includes student teaching the following spring.

How does the time required compare to other institutions?
Earning a 4 year-degree while attending part-time at a traditional college might take you six years or longer. A master’s degree, can easily take three to four years to complete attending part-time at a traditional college. If you attend a traditional college part-time, you might end up spending much longer to finish than you would in the ACT sequence. Minimal direct, face-to-face campus visits are required allowing you the flexibility to complete your personal AAP and work in your hometown community.

How does the ACT program differ from a MAT program?
The ACT program and a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs both lead to certification to teach in the state of West Virginia with reciprocity to other states. The ACT program is an accelerated, alternative route to teacher certification. MAT students are awarded a master’s degree upon completion of the program requirements. The average time students take to earn the MAT degree is three years, many programs also require full-time attendance.

How does the ACT program relate to Troops to Teachers (TTT)?
ACT is a West Virginia State Department of Education program that is nationally accredited through the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC). ACT is offered through Wheeling Jesuit University and it operates separately from TTT. TTT is a U.S. Department of Education program managed by the Department of Defense. TTT assists eligible military personnel when they transition to new careers as public school teachers in “high-need” schools.  The assistance ranges from referral and placement advice to stipends that reimburse the cost of becoming certified.  Military personnel may find more information about TTT at www.proudtoserveagain.com.

If you are an enlisted military service member or a veteran you may be eligible for educational benefits.

Complete the ACT application (PDF Format) and submit it with appropriate Documentation.

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