Mission & Idenity Key Values

Characteristics and Key Values of a Jesuit Education

The Jesuit character of Wheeling Jesuit University establishes a specific direction that is defined by the priorities and core values of the Ignatian vision and spirituality. This spirituality affirms the world and our relationship with God, finds God in all that is good, and is committed to the single, integrating principle of the service of faith and promotion of justice. These five characteristics emerge out of the Ignatian Charism: 

  1. A Reverence for and an Ongoing Reflection on Human Experience.
    Jesuit education is rooted in a rigorous academic program characterized by engagement of ethical issues, in order to foster critical thinking, which undergirds moral and faith-based reflection and action.

  2. A Dedication to Human Dignity from the Perspective of Faith and Reason.
    Jesuit education emphasizes an overarching concern for the inherent dignity of each human person by reverencing each individual as being created in the image and likeness of God.

  3. A Focused Care for Students.
    The heart of the Jesuit educational ideal is characterized by a concern for students including significant interaction between students and teaching scholars, supporting psychological maturity, and facilitating spiritual growth.

  4. A Well-Educated Solidarity.
    Jesuit education affirms the centrality of the wisdom, compassion, and peace in the process of forming "Men and Women for Others" - committed to of the service of the poor and the promotion of justice.

  5. A Creative Community of Dialogue.
    Jesuit education facilitates dialogue across academic disciplines focused upon when, where, and how the world and the common good interact.