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Network & Server Operations and Telecommunications

All residence hall rooms have data ports for students to connect a personal computer to the WJU Residence Network (ResNet).  WJU requires that all students with computers register them using an automated, online system.  Once a computer is connected to the data port, open an Internet browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and go somewhere.  All new connections are automatically redirected to the online computer registration system. Please contact the HelpDesk at 304-243-4357 or complete an online form at the Helpdesk web site.

There are several WiFi Hot Spots around campus for students to use laptops and/or 802.11 WiFi compatible handheld mobile device (iPhone, Palm, Windows Mobile, etc.).  Locations covered include the Library, Benedum Room (cafeteria), Acker Science Center food kiosk and bridge, and others.

Network & Server Operations:
All network connectivity for local resources as well as Internet resources all rely on equipment maintained and supported by Network & Server Operations.  For the technical minded, local resources include servers responsible for email, antispam, antivirus, WJU web sites, Media/Webcasting, DNS, DHCP, network registration, as well as the entire network infrastructure of edge/core switches, routers, and firewalls.  Questions or problems with any network or server use or connectivity should be sent through the Helpdesk web site or by calling 304-243-4357.

Internet resources provided to the campus community allow for 33Mb of full-duplex connectivity.  Cable/DSL modems at home are typically described as 3Mb down and 512Kb up or something similar.  Full-duplex means that WJU has 33Mb down AND 33Mb up!

Inbound Bandwidth Utilization
6/6/09 12:00pm - 6/13/09 12:00pm
Inbound Bytes Transmitted
6/6/09 12:00pm - 6:13/09 12:00pm

The entire campus phone system was replaced in late 2007 to provide the campus with a highly functional, extremely reliable, and cost effective telecommunication platform.  Questions or problems about phones, voicemail, and the telecommunication system can be sent through the Helpdesk web site or by calling 304-243-4357.

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