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The Health Center is a member of the American College Health Association (ACHA) and follows the guidelines and recommendation of this organization. The Center is available to all full-time undergraduate and graduate students (residents and commuters) on both an appointment and walk-in basis. A high level of outpatient care is offered to meet the special needs of young adults. Emphasis is placed on "wellness" which includes prevention, education, and assistance to make responsible health choices. The Center is a primary health care service and resource for health education as well as a place to come when you have an illness or injury.

We would like to be partners in your health care to help you learn about and practice a healthy lifestyle through adequate rest and relaxation, a balanced diet, proper exercise, good health habits, stress management, and an optimistic outlook. In addition, we want to be supportive of you at times when medical intervention is indicated.

Good physical and emotional health significantly influences your ability to learn, to participate in a complete academic program, and to develop yourself to your fullest capacity.

Most of the services are provided at no additional charge and include: unlimited office visits, treatment for medical problems, first aid, suture removal, dressing changes, blood pressure screenings, weight control and dietary counseling, as well as sexually transmitted disease education and treatment.

There is an additional charge at the Health Center for a Strep A screen. Please call the Health Center, if you have questions about specific charges. 


The medical staff makes referrals to other agencies for health care not available at the Student Health Center. These include: X-rays, lab work, allergy injections, medical and surgical specialists, dentists, physical therapy, and family planning. Students may use Wheeling Hospital or Ohio Valley Medical Center for emergencies or certain referrals. Students are urged to carry some type of health insurance to cover any cost of such referrals.


Personal counseling services are provided at the Health Center by a Licensed Professional Counselor. For general information and/or to schedule a confidential appointment with Paul Bellotte, MS, LPC, ALPS, please contact : Nancy Ramsay at 243-2275.

The counseling service is provided to individuals and groups and can be used to address, process and resolve a wide variety of issues from home-sickness, loss and grief, social fear, anxiety, specific test anxiety, substance related issues, relationship issues, and, in general, the day to day challenges of contemporary life. This free service is available as part of the WJU commitment to Student Development.


All information received by the Health Center regarding your health is strictly confidential. Access to medical records is limited to authorized medical personnel and medical information is released only with your expressed written permission. If you live on campus, you may want to share certain information with your Resident Assistant that could affect your health while at the university.

Please do not use email to schedule appointments at the Health Center or to divulge personal information such as pregnancy, HIV/AIDS questions, alcohol and drug problems, sexual assault details, or other psychological issues. Remember, EMAIL IS NOT CONFIDENTIAL and cannot be completely deleted from the system. The Health Center staff will not respond to personal requests via email please make an appointment to discuss these issues for your own protection and confidentiality.

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