Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program & Courses

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Offered completely online, the MBA program at WJU is comprised of 36 credit hours, with nine required classes and three elective classes at three credit hours per course. Classes are all seven weeks long, with two start terms available during the fall, spring, and summer semesters (six start terms total). By taking two courses each semester, students can complete the program in two years, and with a full time schedule (nine credits), students can complete the program in one year.

The program explores the internal and external forces which strengthen or limit businesses, as well as the ethical implications of organizational behavior. The core curriculum of the MBA program is where students will experience the various aspects of business through applied learning. The course numbers listed below are for identification purposes only and are not the sequence in which they are taken:

  • MBA 500 Organizational Behavior and Leadership

  • MBA 502 Marketing Management

  • MBA 503 The Ethical Environment of Business

  • MBA 505 Quantitative Business Analysis

  • MBA 508 Management of Financial Resources

  • MBA 520 Management Policy and Strategy for Decision Making

  • MBA 531 Effective Managerial Communications

  • MBA 539 Management of Information Systems

  • MBA 547 Contemporary Economic Challenges

Available electives include operations management and management of human resources, but other courses are offered based on student interest. Internships and independent study may also be counted toward elective credits.