Parkhurst Dining Fequently Asked Questions

I paid for my meals. Why can't I let a friend use my meal plan?

Meal plan rates are based on the cost of actual meals served, not the number of potential meals. If meal plans were transferable, rates would have to be increased in order to cover the total participants.

Can I take food or drink out of the Benedum Room?

Yes! Don't have time to Eat In? Not feeling well? We have take out! Meals can be taken out of the Benedum Room in our To Go containers. Please see our take out policy.

Can I really eat as much as I want in the Benedum Room?

YES! The Benedum Room and Headlines Cafe' has an "unlimited seconds" policy. This means you may return for any item as many times as you wish, with the exception of "special steak night" entrees. To help curb food waste, please do not take more than you can eat.

Can I bring a guest with me into the Benedum Room?

Yes, bring a friend or parent. The casual meal rates are posted in the Benedum Room. You can also use one of your five guest cards or ask the cashier to swipe your card and debit your Flex Dollars account.