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Choosing A Major & Planning Your Career

Since planning your career doesn’t happen overnight, all WJU students are encouraged to come to the Career Services Center early in your college career and often. Finding a satisfying job or being accepted into the graduate school of your choice may be easier with our help. What can Career Services do for you? Career Services can be broken down into three service phases depending on student needs:

Phase 1: Career Exploration Services. Freshmen and sophomores who are undecided about their major or don’t know what to do with the major they have chosen may come to Career Services for help with decision-making or to search the resources we have for determining and exploring various career options.

Phase 2: Experiential Education Services. Career Services has various resources to connect students with internships, student research opportunities and summer or part-time jobs. It’s very important that students develop work-related skills by taking advantage of such experiences during their college years.

Phase 3: Transition Services. The transition process begins at the end of the junior year and Career Services offers many resources and programs to help students along the way. Generally, students have 4 options after graduation: 1) full or part-time employment, 2) graduate or professional school, 3) opportunities in a variety of volunteer programs (such as the Peace Corps), or 4) enlistment in military service. Students may also choose to complete a post-graduate internship program. Attached is a Four-Year Career Plan with a year-by-year breakdown of suggested career development activities open to all Wheeling Jesuit students to help with the process of career planning. Since no two students are alike and have different career development needs, some may be ready for different activities at different times.

As a WJU student, you are encouraged to get involved in your career preparation from your start as a freshman until your graduation as a senior. Bring the attached Four-Year Career Plan to the Career Services Center on the ground floor of Ignatius Hall (G17) to discuss your personal career development plan with a counselor.

The Four-Year Career Plan


  • Assess interests and values
  • Choose a major
  • Seek opportunities to develop skills
  • Begin your professional development by joining a student organization or club
  • Attend leadership development workshops
  • Consider volunteer/service opportunities that may complement educational/work experiences
  • Visit Career Services to inquire about interest inventories
  • Research major and career options related to your interests
  • Become familiar with the college catalog regarding general studies and requirements for majors offered at Wheeling Jesuit University
  • Meet with your academic advisor regularly
  • Maintain a good GPA
  • Apply for summer jobs and internship opportunities

  • Plan a meaningful and marketable education
  • Hone work-related skills
  • Join relevant student and professional organizations or work toward a leadership position within an organization
  • Attend career and wellness workshop sessions
  • Seek additional internship(s) or work-related experiences
  • Continue in or select an additional volunteer/service experience
  • Learn how to develop a portfolio
  • Declare a major if you have not done so
  • Meet with your academic advisor to confirm a degree plan
  • Get to know professors teaching in your major
  • Choose electives that will provide additional desirable skills
  • Maintain a good GPA
  • Develop your professional resume
  • Talk to alumni regarding specifics about your major or chosen career

  • Assess experiences
  • Develop networking opportunities
  • Become knowledgeable about the job-search process and/or graduate schools
  • Explore graduate and professional school options and requirements
  • Develop your networking skills
  • Conduct information interviews with professionals in your field
  • Attend seminars related to your major
  • Update your professional resume
  • Seek additional internship information and volunteer experiences
  • Maintain a good GPA
  • Continue to update your portfolio with samples of your work
  • Attend career and wellness workshop sessions
  • Continue involvement in leadership positions in students organizations

  • Begin job search and/or graduate school application process
  • Practice mock interviews
  • Attend job fairs
  • Update and polish resume
  • Identify references and obtain letters of reference
  • Practice mock interviews
  • Schedule job interviews with on-campus recruiters
  • Visit Career Services to register with College Central Network
  • Prepare for and attend job/graduate school fair opportunities
  • Revise and update portfolio-- complete with examples of work
  • Maintain a good GPA
  • Attend career and wellness workshop sessions
  • Continue seeking networking opportunities

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