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Internships FAQs

What do I do first if I am interested in getting an internship?

If you would like to receive academic credit, pick up an internship booklet and review it thourghly. If you are not interested in receiving academic credit, set up an appointment with the Director for assistance.

What is College Central Network?

College Central Network is on-line referral systems that allow students to post their resumes and view available job and internship opportunities. Visit www.collegecentral.com/wju for more information.

Why should I do an internship?

Personal Growth - Internships help students to clarify interests, strengths, and areas needing improvement. The value of an internship often extends beyond career exploration; a good intern experience can have a significant impact on personal growth by sharpening intellectual, interpersonal, and leadership abilities. It can also enhance awareness and appreciation of ethical dilemmas, the importance of diversity, and civic and social responsibility.

Evaluate Interests - An internship is a good way to confirm one’s interest in a potential career field. Interns can be afforded the opportunity to build a knowledge base and test skills as well as gain exposure to the work of others within the organization and find out about other possible careers.

Gain Experience and Skills - Internships provide the experience and skills necessary to prepare students for an ever-changing job market. When interviewing potential candidates, employers rate related work experience above all other criteria.

Networking by Building Valuable Contacts and References -Think about the valuable contacts interns are making. Networking is an essential part of the job search process and who better to ask for a reference or contact than someone who knows your work style and habits? Getting to know people in your potential career field is easy when you’re working side-by-side with them. In today’s job market, who you know can be just at important as what you know and even more critical for specific “hard to break into” industries. Internships can be your ticket through the door.

Better Starting Salary - Graduates who participate in an internship have a potential to earn more than students who did not intern.

How long does the process of finding an internship take?

You allow yourself at least six months to start the process in order to find a good match for your field of interest. Accounting and Finance majors may need to start this process earlier. Keep in mind that the earlier you get started, the better chances you will have of getting the internship you desire.

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