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Academic Resource Center Policies

Editing & Proofreading
The ARC writing tutors do not edit or proofread papers.  Instead, they ask questions and offer suggestions for improvement.  Their goal is to help students become better writers.  Students and tutors work together to brainstorm ideas, organize points, develop thesis statements, and more.

Students are urged to not wait until a day or two before their writing assignments are due to make appointments.  Instead, students are asked to make appointments early.  Students who wait until right before their due dates may find that there are no writing tutor appointments available.  In addition, students may need more than one appointment to experience real improvements in their writing.

Long Papers
All papers that are six (6) double-spaced pages or longer must be submitted to the tutor at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.  If the paper is not submitted, the student may not proceed with the appointment and will be asked to reschedule.

Documenting Sources
Tutors do not check or edit in-text citations, reference pages, works cited pages, or bibliographies.  Instead, they help students identify and use resources so that they can cite correctly in their texts and develop reference pages, work cited pages, or bibliographies.

“Standing” Appointments
Students who wish to meet with a tutor on a weekly basis for a particular subject must schedule their next appointment after attending their current appointment.

Tutor Requests from Non-WJU Students
The ARC does not provide or recommend tutors to anyone who is not currently enrolled in programs or courses at Wheeling Jesuit University.

Tutoring Requests for Courses Taken at Other Institutions
ARC tutors do not provide tutoring for courses taken at other institutions.

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