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Award Recipients

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented by Wheeling Jesuit University to graduates who exemplify the Jesuit ideals of extraordinary competence and personal compassion in their chosen field: ideals for which alumni of Wheeling Jesuit University have long been known. It is now presented each year during Alumni Weekend.

Distinguished Alumni
1981   George R. Blake '67 Public Communications
    Mary Kate Wittig Davitt, MD '65 Medicine
    John B. Yasinsky, Ph.D. '61 Industry
1982   Charles Cuono, MD, Ph.D. '65 Medicine
    Elaine Runner Dungan, CPA '73 Public Accounting
1983   Stephen E. Haid, Ph.D. '63 Education
    Derrick Latos, MD '68 Medicine
    Judith Noonan O'Brien '65 Law
1984   William E. Cornforth '72 Education
    Dennis W. Keogh '61 (posthumously) Public Service
    Sr. Marguerite O'Brien, CSJ '66 Religious Life
    Louis A. Volpe '70 Education
1985   John S. Gasiorowski '64 Education
    Rev. Margaret B.C. Phillimore '74 Religious Life
    Edward J. Shahady, MD '61 Medicine
1986   Anthony T. Basil, Ph.D. '60 Education
    Kenneth S. Ramsey, Ph.D. '64 Health
    Michael A. Santer, Jr., MD '61 Medicine
1987   Victoria A. Casey, Ph.D. '76 Clinical Psychology
    Hon. James T. Smith, Jr. '64 Law, Public Service
1988   William P. Bresnahan, Esq. '64 Law
1989   Stephen E. Hannig '73 Business
    Sr. Joanne Gonter, VHM '59 Education, Religious Life
1990   Adam S. Monks, CPA '64 Public Accounting
1991   Andrea DiPiero Santer '62 Education, Religious Life
1992   Rev. Robert V. Arkle, Jr. '62 Education, Religious Life
    Rev. John DiBacco, Jr. '62 Education, Religious Life
1993   Rev. Joseph M. Doyle '60 Education, Religious Life
    John Egan McAteer '61 Public Service
1994   Kathleen M. Hawk, Ph.D. '72 Public Service
    Jane F. Exner '80 Medicine, Public Service
    Jack F. Noonan, Ph.D. '63 Education
1995   J. Davitt McAteer, Esq. '66 Public Service, Government
    Daniel L. Haller, Esq. '61 Public Service, Law
    Cynthia Carr Rank '65 Public Service
1996   M. Joan McDermott, Ph.D. '70 Criminal Justice
1997   Lawrence E. Bandi '86 Business, Public Service
1998   Christopher J. Searl '87 Education
1999   Don M. Benson, MD '61 Medicine, Public Service
    Rosemary Vincentin Benson '62 Artist
    Robert E. Barker '67 Government, Public Service
2000   C.T. O'Donnell II '74 Social Service
    Mary Gerkin McKinley '77 Nurse
2001   Phillip Rusciolelli '66 Public Service, Military
    Barbara Davies Rusciolelli '66 Public Service, Military
    Lawrence R. Meagher '65 Health Care
    Suzanne E. Polen '59 Social Justice
2002   John A. Glaser, Ph.D. '66 Scientific Research
    Donald R. Mercer, Ph.D. '60 Scientific Research
2003   L. Thomas Marchlen, Esq. '67 Leadership, Business
    Timothy W. Daly '67 Leadership, Business
    Sisters of St. Joseph  
2004   No award given  
2005   Peter E. Daley Esq. '66 (posthumously) Family Life
    Alexandra Stanish Daley '67 Family Life
    Patricia Weitzel-O'Neill '69 Education
2006   John "Rick" Berthold '59 Education
    Michael L. Monahan, Esq. '82 Law
2007   Mark F. Geary, Esq.  '62 Law
    J'Ann Schoomaker Allen '67 Social Justice
    James D. Allen, Jr. '67 Social Justice
    George "Ged" Young, Jr.  '72 Communications
2008   Brian E. McCagh '68 Health Care
2009   Mark Gresham '84 Publishing
    Sr. Karen A. Bland, OSB '94 Religious Life
2010   Michael V Murphy '70 (posthumously) Architecture
    Marybeth Murray Emmerth '85 Education
2011   Vera Barton-Caro '82 Nursing
2012   Kevin Kerrane '62 Education
    Patrick "PJ" Reindel '02 Social Service
2013   Charlie Lloyd, Ph.D. '63 Education
    Dr. John Maris '83 Medicine
    Erin McDonald '03 Social Service

Clifford M. Lewis S.J. Award

The Rev. Clifford M. Lewis, S.J. Award is the highest honor presented by the Alumni Association. It honors extraordinary service, contribution and dedication to Wheeling Jesuit University in the spirit of Father Lewis, a true "person for others."  It is presented each year during Alumni Weekend. 

1971   Rev. Clifford M. Lewis, S.J.  
1972   Carmen J. Gonot '59 Martha Buckley Shields '64
1973   J. Davitt McAteer, Esq. '66 James E. Friday '61
    Jane Straub Friday '61 James D. Allen '67
    Judythe A. Schoonmaker Allen '67 Henry G. Jepson
1974   Rev. Edward Gannon, S.J.  
1975   John T. Wack, Ph.D. Bernard E. Glenn '59
    Alice McNulty  
1976   Thomas F. Carrigan '59  
1977   G. Martin Lively '62  
1978   Anthony T. Basil, Ph.D. '60 John S. Gasiorowski '64
1979   Rev. Stephen Laut, S.J., S.J. Rev. Joseph B. Hanzley
    Most Rev. Joseph H. Hodges  Jeanne Kammer Neff '64
    Edward W. Younkins, CPA, Ph.D. '70  
1980   Jeff O. McGeary, Esq. '64  
1981   Rev. Charles L. Currie, S.J.  
1982   Rev. James A. O'Brien, S.J.  
1983   Sandra V. Gentile  
1984   John S. Bodkin '69  
1985   Vincent R. Gallagher '70  
1986   John B. Yasinsky, Ph.D. '61  
1987   Paul A. Orr, Ph.D.  
1988   Daniel L. Haller, Esq. '61  
1989   Forrest H. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.  
1990   Eileen R. Carpino  
1991   Thomas F. Carrigan '59 (posthumously)  
1992   Thomas G. Wack, Ph.D.  
1993   Sally Hunter Allen '60 Dr. Katherine L. McCready
    Rev. Joseph P. Sanders, S.J.  
1994   Carson W. Bryan '59 James L. Weaver '59
    Mary McGuire Moore '66  
1995   Sr. Joanne Gonter, V.H.M. '59 J. Timothy Philipps '62
1996   Orlando J. Sacco '66  
1997   Thomas M. Pie' '77 Timothy F. Cogan, Esq. '69
1998   Paul I. Currie '77 Philadelphia Alumni Chapter
1999   Louis A. Volpe '70  
2000   Rev. Thomas S. Acker, S.J. Donald Hofreiter, MD
    Philip C. Kirby  
2001   Carolyn G. Dalzell Rev. Walter Buckius, S.J.
    Rev. Joseph A. Burke, S.J.  
2002   Ellis F. Hall III Eulalia Front Virostek '79
    William J. Barker '62  
2003   Rev. Joseph Hayden S.J. Vicky L. DiPiero '65 (posthumously)
2004   Thomas A. Kelleher '63 Mary Ellen Rice
    Nancy Ellen Rice O'Leary '68 Judy Huang Martin '83
2005   Wheeling College Co-Founders Judith Houlihan Geary '63
2006   Margaret Roscoe Cooke '95  
2007   James Birge, PhD Alumni Volunteers in honor of Rev. Joseph Hacala, S.J.
2008   Gerald "Jay" DeFruscio '87 Terrence M. Lewis, Esq. '93
    James Regan Allen E. Wojcik '63
    Carol Adamiak Yarnall '63  
2009   James P. Welsh, Jr. '00  
2010   Maria Tasz Day '75 Tanya C. Smigocki '93
2011   Ed Shahady, M.D. '60  
2012   Jerry Schroer '86  
2013   Dr. Gregory Merrick  

James O'Brien, S.J. Alumni Award

The James O'Brien, S.J. Alumni Award (Formerly GOLD Award - Graduates of the Last Decade) recognizes recent (up to 15 years) alumni who  manifest a growing competence in their chosen field, and whose personal life reflects WJU's mission of "educating men and women for life, leadership, and service to others."  It is presented each year during Alumni Weekend.

2003   Donald M. Benson, Jr., M.D, Ph.D. '92 Lydia Wanless D'Anna '91
    Neil M. D'Anna '90  
2004   V. Scott Gallagher '92 Terrence M. Lewis, Esq. '93
2007   Christopher T. Kreger '96 Alison (Fry) Kreger, DPT '98
2008   Theresa Bowman Phipps '01 Joseph J. Saverimuttu '06
2009   Jason T. Culley, DDS '99 Ryan J. Aaron, Esq. '99
2010   Mary E. Bowman, Esq. '97  
2011   Ian Wilson '04 Toni (Moran) Wilson '04
2012   Cherese (Meadows) Lee '97  
2013   Tony Mazza '06  


Alumni Magis Award 

Alumni Council sometimes receives names for consideration that seem to fit into a very specific category.  These are individuals who act in the Ignatian spirit of MAGIS, of doing more and giving more to others and of themselves. Thus, Alumni Council created the Alumni Magis Award, to be given, when warranted, in light of an individual's hidden, faithful service to the University and its people.  It is presented during Alumni Weekend.

2003   Mary Lou Archer Bernie L. McDermott
    Robert E. Ramsey (posthumously)  
2007   Michael A. Scannapieco, Esq. '77 (posthumously)  
2008   Thomas A. Kelleher '63  
2010   Thomas Burgoyne Kathy Oliver Burgoyne '62 
2011   Mimie O'Hara Helm '84 V. Scott Gallagher '92

Hall of Honor

In 2009, Wheeling Jesuit University's Alumni Council created the "Hall of Honor" to provide alumni with a voice to recognize former classmates, faculty, staff, etc., for their contributions to their profession, society and the greater WJU community. While WJU has several awards, only those celebrating a reunion determine the selection of "Hall of Honor" inductees!  Recipients to be announced during Alumni Weekend.

2009   Sr. Joanne M. Gonter, VHM '59  
2010   Rev. Joseph M. Doyle, SSJ '60 John J. Bodson '65
    Louis A. Volpe '70 Rev. Joseph P. Sanders, S.J.
    Paul J. Mulholland '80 Cynthia Kirk Mueller, M.D. '85
    Neil M. D'Anna '90 Dennis J. Maceiko (posthumously)
    Keith J. Bell '00 Miranda L. Hanson '05
2011   John Yasinsky '61 J. Davitt McAteer '66
    Sr. Kathleen Durkin, CSJ '71 Victoria Casey '76
    Michael Fortunato, M.D. '81 Stephen Marshall '86
    Katherine Torpey '91 Christopher T. Kreger '96
    William Mitchell '01 (posthumously) Pete Harlan '06
2012   Dr. Paul Orr James DiPiero '67
    James Farnan '72 Marilou (Gross) Doughty '77
    Michael Monahan '82 Mark Zittle '87
    Rev. Walter Buckius, S.J. Mary Bowman '97
    G. Brady Butler '02 Sara Brown '07
2013   Linda McAlarney Cunningham '63 Brian McCagh '68
    Robert Hutchings '73 Jesse Corning '78
    Rev. Anthony Cincinnati '83 Joseph Laker, Ph.D.
    Roseanna Dakan Keller '93 Peter Ehni, Ph.D.
    Remy Munasifi '03 Adrienne Greene Tharp '08


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