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Wheeling Jesuit University Class Agent Program

The Class Agent program stands at the center of Wheeling Jesuit University’s outreach efforts.  Being a Class Agent is beneficial to you and to the University on many levels. As a Class Agent, you will foster continued communication between your classmates and WJU, establishing a rewarding network of friends and colleagues. Your friend raising and fund raising efforts enhance a sense of community among your classmates.

Volunteers from each graduating class comprise the University's Class Agent
program. As a class agent, you are an important liaison between your classmates and the
university. You are among an elite, dedicated team of alumni, committed to the goals,
priorities, and mission of Wheeling Jesuit University. We rely on you to reach out to
your classmates and reconnect them with their alma mater.

The goal of this program is to build alumni participation throughout the various University programs, share university and personal news items plus support the financial stability of the University, by increasing donations to the Annual Giving program by writing letters to your classmates twice a year or by recruiting a Class Gift Chair. Through the letters, the class agents (or class gift chairs) motivate additional alumni participation and encourage larger gifts.

This challenging effort, crucial to the future of the university, cannot be accomplished by staff members alone.

Responsibilities of the Class Agent:

  • Serve as an "ambassador" of Wheeling Jesuit University by promoting the school, its plans and long-range vision to fellow classmates, other alumni, parents and prospective students
  • Recruit classmates for a class reunion committee
  • Help plan reunion events (optional)
    o Act as the voice for your class
    o Plan and organize class-specific activities
    o Act as hosts at independently coordinated class events
    o Organize class volunteers, as needed
  • Serve as a class leader to encourage participation at local and campus events and in continuing their annual support
  • Lend your name to the Reunion Program communication materials, events and direct mail solicitations, etc.
  • Lead by example- Make a gift, then educate your classmates on the importance of giving to the university, encouraging them to make a gift to the school in honor of their reunion year.  Participate in setting class participation and giving goals.
  • Encourage your classmates to be part of the overall campus transformation by getting involved in the variety of campus events including Alumni Weekend and Homecoming, special events and committees
  • Permit WJU to highlight you in such publications as the e-Chronicle, Honor Roll of Donors and Alumni Newswire
  • Communicate the interests of fellow classmates with the Alumni Director at alumni@wju.edu 
  • Keep the university informed of the whereabouts of alumni
    o inform the university of any address or telephone changes of selected classmates
    o inform the university of any changes in marital status, employment, or other important information (i.e., birth of children)
  • Offer input on staff-generated communications (direct mail, e-mails, etc.)

Responsibilities of the Alumni and Advancement Offices

  • Provide Class Agents with updated information on classmates
  • Prepare any and all related materials that would help ensure alumni participation at all events.
  • Send letters of recruitment to potential volunteers (Class Agents).
  • Update the database with alumni info: address, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • Serve as the network for alumni. i.e. make info available to classmates who are seeking to locate fellow alumni.
  • Collect pertinent news items for the Alumni News. e.g. marriages, promotions, births, etc.
  • Promote class reunions.

NOTE:  For classes with multiple Class Agents, you may wish to divide duties into the following focus areas:

  • Local Alumni Events
  • Regional Alumni Events
  • Class Giving
  • Class Communications


Your classmates will respond positively to regular correspondence from you, their class agent.  You may consider sending out a monthly update, with help from the alumni office.


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