Wheeling Jesuit University
Alumni Chapter Survey

Degree(s) Year(s)
Home Address
City State Zip
Home Phone
Work Phone
E-mail(s) (Home) (Work)
1). Which method of communication do you prefer?
E-mail Phone Mail Fax
2). With what frequency would you attend regular mettings/events?
Monthly Every other month Quarterly Every six months Annually
3). What types of activities interest you? (Check all that apply.)
Happy hour get-togethers
Golf outing
Dinner with a WJU guest
Scholarship fundraising
Field trip to athletic event
Wine tasting
Student recruitment
Chapter fundraising
4). Do you feel that the Chapter should have dues? Yes No
If yes, what do you consider reasonable annual dues for individual members of this Chapter? $15.00 $20.00 $25.00 $30.00 Other
5). If dues apply, should this Chapter offer a family membership?
Yes, the family rate should be slightly less than the total of two individual members.
No, everyone should pay an individual rate, and there should not be a family rate.
6). Are you interested in helping to organize a Wheeling Jesuit Chapter? Yes No
7). Would you be interested in participating as a Chapter officer? Yes No
8). Other suggestions?

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