International Admissions Transportation

Official new student move-in date: Thursday, August 18, 2017

Official returning student move-in date: Sunday, August 20, 2017

*Please do not plan to move in before the dates above

You are expected to arrive in the U.S. up to 30 days prior to the day of “report date” indicated on your I-20.You must fly into the Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania if you need picked up at the airport by WJU staff. This is the ONLY airport the school can pick you up from.

Once you schedule your ticket, please send your travel itinerary to Jasmin Ilovar at

  1. Things to carry while you travel:

    • Your passport / F-1 visa

    • Your SEVIS form I-20

    • Evidence of financial resources (such as bank statement or affidavit of support)

    • Evidence of student status (such as tuition receipts, transcripts, or letter of acceptance)

    • Paper receipt for the SEVIS I-901 fee

    • The name and contact information of your designated school official
      • Jasmin Ilovar, International Recruiter, 304-243-2088 (office), 814-746-7251 (cell)

    • Keep these documents and money with you at all times. Keep important papers in your carry-on luggage, with a photocopy in your other baggage. Label your luggage inside and out with your name and both your home address and U.S. addresses and telephone numbers. Use the address and phone numbers of the Admission’s Department if necessary. To prevent inconvenience in case of lost luggage, keep in your carry-on luggage all items you would need for one night’s emergency stay in a hotel.

  2. Inform the immigration officer at the port of entry that you will be a new or returning student.

  3. Come to the Admission’s Department (Whelan Hall) or Registrar’s Office (2nd floor, Acker) to report that you have arrived and the office can validate your participation in SEVIS.

  4. Maintain contact with the Admission’s Department (Whelan Hall) or Registrar’s Office (2nd floor, Acker) throughout your stay to ensure that your SEVIS data is updated and accurate.

Once your plane arrives at Pittsburgh International airport you will need to know a few things. Baggage Claim at the Pittsburgh International Airport is conveniently located in the lower level of the Landside Terminal. Just follow the signs to Baggage Claim which will include riding the tram from the Airside Terminal to the Landside Terminal, and heading directly down the escalator in front of you after you pass around the security checkpoint. Once you arrive in Baggage Claim, you will find overhead monitors to your right and left. US Airways baggage all comes in on one side and the other side is for all other airlines. After you claim your luggage please proceed outside to the arrivals curb (pick up area). You need to find the door/pole number 7 at the very end of the curb (same level). A Wheeling Jesuit University vehicle will be waiting for you there! Our student driver will take you to the campus. On your way to campus you will stop by at Wal-Mart (store) to buy some stuff for your room. If your flight is delayed or canceled please contact your Admission’s Representative.