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Dr. Julian Vásquez
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Parent FAQs

How much will a semester abroad cost?
None of the programs with which the University is directly affiliated will cost more than a semester at WJU. In fact, many cost considerably less.

What's included in the price?
Most of the programs include tuition, housing, meals, materials, excursions, and insurance.

Are scholarships available?
Your son/daughter may use any financial aid that they currently have that is government sponsored, e.g., Pell, Stafford, etc.  Scholarships vary by program.  See the scholarship link for more information. 

Where will my son/daughter stay while studying abroad?
There are two types of accommodations. In some locations, students stay with host families, while in others they live in dormitories or apartments.

How far ahead should my son/daughter plan?
The more time your son/daughter plans ahead, the better.  If they don't have a passport, they will have to apply for one.  Some programs also require a visa.  A year of planning is great.  Usually October 1 is the deadline for the spring semester; February 1, for the summer and April 1 for the fall.  Planning ahead also gives them time to apply for scholarships.  

Does my son/daughter need a visa?
This depends on the program and the length of the stay.  For stays less than 3 months, they usually do not need one.  However, this is changing and they will probably be advised by the program that they choose. Look through the State Department's Country Specific Information to find information about their destination. They can research the entry and exit requirements, get more details about necessary documentation, and find out how to apply. Your son/daughter may be able to apply online, at that country's U.S. embassy or even at the airport in the country itself once you get there. 

Where does my son/daughter obtain a passport?
Find the closest office to you.  Facilities may include many Federal, state and probate courts, post offices, some public libraries, and a number of county and municipal offices.  

What about vaccinations?
Become aware of the different types of vaccinations and which ones your son/daughter may need to travel to their destination.  They should schedule an appointment with their doctor at least four to six weeks before they travel to ensure they receive all important shots.

Can my son/daughter take a cell phone?
Watch out !  Unless they have an international plan, they may end up paying hundreds of dollars.  The same applies for text messaging.  It is better to rent a phone when they arrive in the host country or buy an international calling card.

Can my son/daughter take a laptop?
Again, this is not recommended as laptops are highly sought after and can be lost or stolen.  They should use the resources of computer labs or cyber cafes. 

For answers to more of your questions, a very helpful website is Students Abroad.

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