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Dr. Daniel O'Hare
Assistant Professor of Theology & Religious Studies
Email: dohare@wju.edu
Phone: 1-304-243-2310

Facts about Theology & Religious Studies

The Program

The Theology and Religious Studies department enables students to explore the religious questions and commitments of themselves and others. Theology courses are offered in biblical literature, Christology, sacraments, Church history, non-Christian religions and diverse aspects of religious thought and behavior found worldwide. The Department pursues the academic study of religious reality wherever it may be found. The major prepares students for graduate school, careers in teaching, counseling, religious education, campus ministry, journalism and all Church-related fields.


Analytical skills acquired by Theology and Religious Studies majors also assist them in pursuing other graduate degrees and employment outside the field of religion - such as law, business and human resource management. Students develop leadership and organization skills along with the ability to make ethical judgments. Moreover, employers actively seek people of character who know how to listen carefully and think clearly; who can organize ideas through writing and speaking; who can persuade people in a civil and congenial style, and who can understand and evaluate different points of view. Many students double-major since they have career interests in areas that complement their personal and academic explorations of theology and religious studies.

Consistent with Jesuit tradition, the study of theology deepens one's love of God and commitment to serve others as Christ commanded. Knowing the Gospel and the Tradition puts one in a position to serve and to lead the Church community in its mission and in its dialogue with culture. Recent Popes have stressed how important it is for Christians to "evangelize culture" while Christian leaders elsewhere echo the same sentiment. The Church is a player in the world - in politics and the whole range of social policy discussion AND action.

A degree in theology certifies that one has a competent voice for articulating positions rooted in the faith tradition. It also enables a person to assist those who preach the "gospel-in-action" (their jobs). That is, the person with a theology degree helps Christians who don't have one. One with a theology degree helps one with a law degree reflect on how to be a Christian lawyer (and others to reflect on their field of activity). Thus, those holding theology degrees are "servants of the servants of God."

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