Respiratory Therapy FAQ's

  1. What are the requirements to get into the Respiratory Therapy program at WU?
    An overall cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher by the end of the first semester (Fall) sophomore year, completed and achieved a C or better in each prerequisite science course and GCSI 121. 

  2. When do you start in the Respiratory Therapy program?
    The professional phase of the program begins in the Spring of your sophomore year.

  3. What testing is required to become a licensed Respiratory Therapist?
    Upon graduation, you will apply to the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC). The university will confirm electronically that you are eligible to sit for the exam and are indeed a graduate of the program. You will apply for licensure in the state you intend to work. When applying for the NBRC exam you need to check the box that gives permission to the NBRC to release your scores to the state board you are applying for licensure to work in. If you do not check the box, you will need to (via a notary) to verify your scores and to have them mailed to the state board. This manner adds expense and time to obtaining your license. 
  4. What are clinicals?
    Clinicals are where you step out of the classroom or lab and into the hospital or clinic, to learn in actual patient care settings. It is a totally hands –on experience in real life situations. Here at WU, we offer our students a wide variety of clinical settings to maximize your exposure to different procedures and patient populations. You will be supervised, of course, but you will be able to perfect your skills in real life.

  5. Where do students go for off-campus rotations?
    WU partners with many local and regional health care facilities – some that are nationally recognized.

  6. For clinicals, may I pick which sites I want to go to?
    Unfortunately, no. All of our students go to every site. This way each student is exposed to every one of the many facets of respiratory care. Every one of our sites is hand-picked for a specialty area. This way all of our students have similar experiences.

  7. What is the TMC exam?
    The therapist multi- choice exam is the licensing exam given by the National Board of Respiratory Care. It is this exam one must pass in order to obtain a license to practice. 

  8. Do clinical sites hire students after graduation?
    Yes! We often tell our students that each clinical rotation is an extended interview. Many of our senior students are actively recruited by our clinical sites for employment upon graduation while interning at the site. The senior year clinical allows for both our students to check out if they might like working at the affiliate and for the affiliate to see if the student would be a good fit for employment. It is a win win!