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MaryBeth Emmerth
Director of Respiratory Care
Email: memmerth@wju.edu
Phone: 304-243-2208

Transfer & Retention Policy

Transfer Policies

Applicants desiring to transfer into the Wheeling Jesuit University Respiratory Therapy Program must meet the same admission criteria required of all health science students. (Refer to University admissions requirements as well as 2.0-Respiratory Therapy Professional Program Admission Procedure).

Core and major transfer credits are awarded according to the policy as stated in the University catalog and are subject to approval by the University Registrar, and the Respiratory Therapy Program Director. (See 2.1.1 Transfer of academic credit)

In addition to the requirements stated above, the student may be requested to provide course outlines for all health science courses for which the applicant is seeking credit. The director of the program will evaluate the outlines and determine the amount of credit to be awarded.

Students applying to the 2+2 Respiratory Therapy Program must meet criteria agreed upon by both academic institutions. Credits will be evaluated by the Wheeling Jesuit University Respiratory Therapy Program Director and assessed proper credit.

Transfer of Academic Credit to Wheeling Jesuit University

All math and science pre-requisites, as well as major courses (RET, CLS) not taken at Wheeling Jesuit University must be pre-approved by the respiratory therapy program director to receive transfer credit. Students not getting pre-approval will not be able to transfer the course in as credit on the official Wheeling Jesuit University transcript and will be required to repeat the course to fulfill the major requirement. Final approval for transfer credits for major related courses is the responsibility of the Program Director.

Re-entrance Policies

Students desiring to re-enter the Respiratory Therapy Program after stop out or leave of absence must meet all criteria listed in section 2.0 "Respiratory Therapy Professional Program Admission Procedure", as well as:
  1. Provide an updated physical (health record) and proof of current medical insurance coverage.
  2. Provide an official transcript showing a minimum 2.3 GPA (4.0 scale) for all courses within the health science, math, and science curriculum.
  3. Provide an official transcript showing an overall GPA of 2.3 (4.0 scale)
  4. Re-take only Respiratory Therapy or related science courses in which a grade of C-, D, or F was earned and earn at least a C. A student may repeat one course within the professional phase only once. If a second C-, D, or F is earned or if a C-, D, F is earned in another professional course the student will be withdrawn from the program.
  5. Take a competency exam and make a grade of C or better and/or audit any course in which the faculty determines that the student is deficient.
Students who have left the program as a result of unsatisfactory clinical performance will re-enter the program on clinical probation or "contract" and will remain on clinical probation for at least one semester. (See progression in program)

Re-entry is contingent upon recommendation and written approval by both the Respiratory Therapy Program Director and the Director of Clinical Education.

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