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MaryBeth Emmerth
Director of Respiratory Care
Email: memmerth@wju.edu
Phone: 304-243-2208

Health Science Fees

Clinical Science Fee

The Clinical Science Fee is assessed to all allied health major students, including the respiratory therapy program. This fee offsets the additional costs incurred to these majors from accreditation fees, clinical site fees, faculty salaries due to professional status maintenance, and faculty travel to clinical sites. The fee is added to billing beginning in the spring sophomore semester and is applied each subsequent semester until the student completes the respiratory therapy program graduation requirements.

Background Checks and Clinical Clearances

As required by some clinical facilities contracted by WJU, all applicants to the Respiratory Therapy Program and current respiratory therapy students must submit to various criminal background checks. The incurred cost of these background checks will be the student's responsibility and is independent of any tuition or fee costs assessed by the University. (See section 3.3 Criminal Background Checks)

Physicals and Drug Screenings

All students who participate in any level of clinical experience will be required to submit to a random urine sample for drug screens. In addition, the Respiratory Therapy Program Director, Respiratory Therapy Director of Clinical Education, or any contracted clinical site instructor/manager has the right to require random drug testing (blood, urine, hair, etc) for any student, at any time. Any incurred cost will be the responsibility of the student and is independent of any tuition or fee costs assessed by the University. (See section 3.4 Drug Screens)

Each student is required to get a routine annual physical prior to beginning a clinical rotation. The physical must meet all physical and emotional program admission requirements, as well as the other site specific requirements. The student is solely responsible for all costs associated with annual physicals, immunizations, titer confirmations, and/or treatments. These costs are independent of any tuition or fee costs assessed by the University. (See section 6.8 Student Physicals and Immunization)

Conferences and Alternative Clinical Experiences

To prepare students to be a well-rounded and informed respiratory therapist attendance is sometimes required at an alternate clinical activities or professional conference. While the respiratory therapy program tries to keep student costs to a minimum, the student may be required to pay a portion of the costs for attending these alternative experiences. These costs are independent of any tuition or fee costs assessed by the University. While the University faculty members do not condone students missing these types of scheduled experiences; the student maintains the right to not attend these alternative experiences. When a student decides not to attend the scheduled alternative conferences (etc.) they may continue with their scheduled class or clinical schedule.

Failure of a student to attend meetings or other alternative experiences where funds were provided for the student will require that the student reimburse the respiratory therapy program for any pre-paid, and unused funds. (See section 4.3.5 Alternate Clinical Activity Attendance)

Student Malpractice Insurance Coverage

All health science students are required to carry student professional malpractice insurance through Wheeling Jesuit University. Students are not permitted to work with patients or in the clinical setting without being covered by the University's offered malpractice insurance. The University arranges for a blanket coverage policy on an annual basis for all health science majors. The annual premium for the required malpractice insurance will be billed to the student for the semesters of active clinical only. Students will note a separate charge on their University bill for this insurance. (See Section 7.0 Malpractice Insurance)

Clinical Uniforms and Equipment

Students are representative of Wheeling Jesuit University Respiratory Care Program as well as the Respiratory Care profession. Each student must report on duty in complete uniform and with the proper equipment/assessment tools. The costs associated with these items are the sole responsibility of the student. These costs are independent of any tuition or fee costs assessed by the University. (See section 6.1 Appearance)

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