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MaryBeth Emmerth
Director of Respiratory Care
Email: memmerth@wju.edu
Phone: 304-243-2208

Frequently Asked Questions

What are clinicals?
Clinicals are where you step out of the classroom and into the hospital and community setting, to learn in actual patient care settings. It's a totally hands-on experience in real life situations! Here at WJU, we offer our students a wide variety of clinical settings to maximize your exposure to different procedures and patient populations. You will be supervised, of course, but you will be able to perfect your skills in real life situations!

Where do RT students go for off-campus clinical rotations?
Wheeling Jesuit University is proud to be partners with many local health care facilities that are nationally recognized.

For clinicals, may I pick which site I want to go to?
Unfortunately no. All of our RT students go to every site. This way each student is exposed to every one of the many facets of respiratory care. Every one of our sites is hand picked for a specialty area. This way all of our students have similar experiences and orientation.

Is the respiratory therapy program at WJU accredited?
YES! Our RT program is fully accredited by Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC). Our latest accreditation was held September 2015. Received full accreditation and our next is scheduled in 2025.

What is the current licensure exam pass rate?
For the last 10 years, the RT program at WJU is proud to say that they have nearly a rate of 100% for the CRT (entry-level) national licensure exam. On the new Therapist Multiple Choice (TMC) exam, we have 91% passing at the high cut score. The exam is sponsored and administered through the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC)

What is the CRT exam?
The Certified Respiratory Therapist exam, or CRT, is the entry-level exam that every practicing respiratory therapist needs to pass, in order to receive a license in his/her state.

What is the current job placement for students in the respiratory therapy program?
Our current job placement is currently around 90%. This means that of all of our graduating students 90% of them have jobs ready and waiting when they graduate. The other 10%, we are proud to say, consist of students who are going on to graduate schools, etc. Many employers seek out WJU graduates because of the high level of knowledge and confidence that our students leave with upon graduation.

Do clinical sites hire students after graduation?
YES! We often tell our students that each clinical rotation is an extended interview. Many of our senior students are actively recruited by our clinical sites for employment after graduation. Although there are no guarantees for job placement at the clinical sites, many of our students like what they see during the clinical rotation and end up working for our clinical affiliates.

What is the faculty to student ratio in the respiratory therapy program?
The current faculty : student ratio is approximately 1:4. This number can vary from year to year depending on enrollment. However, the program faculty try to keep the ratio no higher than 1:6. However, the ratio for all pre-requisite courses and core classes is approximately 1:14 university wide.

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