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Department of Peace and Justice Studies

The minor in peace and justice is an interdisciplinary academic program which offers a vision of human communities dedicated to the pursuit of peace and justice in every dimension of human life and at every level of human interaction.

The program is guided by the proposition that there is a basic human wisdom that can help solve many of the complex political and economic issues that confront us in the post-9/11 world.  Solidly based as it is upon the human person, this wisdom in the Ignatian humanistic tradition is not limited to a particular culture or a specific time or place.  It does not divide West from East; it includes all peoples.  

Believing that nothing we do is devoid of spiritual significance, the program stresses that the true path to human flourishing can only be found through the careful search for right relationships in our personal, professional and public lives.

Why Study Peace and Justice?

You will become a part of a small and vibrant community that searches for a deeper understanding of the roots of social injustice and violence, and of the conditions and practices necessary for establishing social justice, equality, and sustainable peace.

You will benefit from working closely with professors who are guided by the idea that in order to establish a more enlightened society we need to discover who each of us is and what uniquely we have to offer the world.

Whatever your chosen major, the program will aid you in this process of discovering who you are, the values that matter most to you, and the talents with which you are blessed in order to be the best person, thinker and communicator you can be.

An important feature of the Peace and Justice minor is its flexibility in meeting your interests.  You may choose to select a specific “cluster” area of study that complements your major or more broadly explore questions of peace by selecting individual courses that range across several disciplines.

However your program is tailored, you will be well prepared to become what you want to be.  Whether you desire to help create a better world or a local neighborhood, whether you want to become a lawyer or a teacher, work in government or the private sector, the Peace and Justice program will prepare you to take an active and committed role in the shaping of constructive public policies. 

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