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Philosophy at WJU

The Program

The Jesuit tradition of education has always championed the importance of philosophy, both for training the mind and for stimulating a love of truth. Philosophy invites you into dialogue with the great truth-seekers of the western tradition. It helps you become more intellectually creative and inspires a life-long commitment to the search for wisdom and the things that really matter in life. Philosophy is the discipline that asks the most general and fundamental questions about life: Why are we here? What is a person? Is there a soul and what is its relation to the body? Is our behavior determined by our genes or environmental conditioning, or are we, to some extent, free? Is it reasonable to believe in God and in human immortality? What constitutes a good life?


Anything you can do with any other non-technical degree. If you are considering philosophy, you are probably endowed with a sense of wonder and you like to stretch your mind by exploring big questions. Most philosophy majors have an eye on post-graduate school, but it need not be in philosophy. Philosophy majors have gone on to post-graduate studies in such diverse areas as law school, business administration, counseling, education, public relations, and urban administration. Also, many students from all sorts of majors take a minor in Philosophy to enrich their chosen career paths. Philosophy encourages you to think about your life in all aspects, including your life work.

Facilities & Faculty

The philosophy professors are experienced teachers and scholars, and have excellent reputations in our region and nation. Their record of accomplishments and personal dedication to their students is outstanding at Wheeling Jesuit. They are deeply committed to the Jesuit tradition of education.  The professors serve to moderate a very active Philosophy Club for students, which sponsors speakers, discussions, films, debates, socials and other events for trading and testing ideas. There is also a chapter of Phi Sigma Tau, the national honors society for philosophy. For more information on how philosophy at Wheeling Jesuit can help you to realize your potential and own your future, call 1-800-624-6992 or e-mail admiss@wju.edu or visit Wheeling Jesuit online at www.wju.edu


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