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Deborah A. Wilkinson
Email: dwilkinson@wju.edu
Phone: 304-243-2264

Department of Nuclear Medicine Technology


Using radioactive materials, nuclear medicine is a noninvasive modality that physicians use to gain valuable information about their patients. It's part of the family of diagnostic imaging tools that includes radiography (X-ray), computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasonography (US). Nuclear medicine technologists image and treat the body functionally using radioactive materials, providing a noninvasive alternative. This technology is unique because it focuses on examining the disease process as it's happening, while other imaging technologies focus on visualizing changes that have already occurred. This makes nuclear medicine different from other diagnostic procedures and a vital tool in cancer and cardiac diagnosis and treatment.

The Nuclear Medicine degree program at Wheeling Jesuit University gives students the opportunity to flourish and grow as professional individuals fully prepared to enter any realm of Nuclear Medicine. Regarding the nuclear medicine curriculum, classes are taught in a manner that guarantees understanding and comprehension by encompassing every student's learning style. Furthermore, the nuclear medicine program educators are extremely knowledgeable, passionate, thoughtful, caring, and outgoing people who work closely with each and every student to ensure personal success. Throughout the program, students are challenged to become creators of great ideas and presenters of those ideas. Moreover, these educators represent the epitome of a complete Jesuit education by focusing on using your you and developing intellectual acuity.

In addition to the curriculum, this program offers students the opportunity to attend Society of Nuclear Medicine local chapter meetings as well as the chance at submitting individual research for presentation and publication. In doing so, students are able to get a taste for the profession as a whole and to see how the technology is constantly changing. It also provides students with a means to find the aspect of nuclear medicine that might direct them in the profession.

Nuclear medicine technologists are more than technicians that push buttons. A Nuclear Medicine Technology Bachelor's Degree from Wheeling Jesuit University is more than just a piece of paper. It is a representation of your personal development, your heightened knowledge and your hard earned accomplishments: this degree represents a trained professional, completely competent and capable of becoming a successful technologist in this growing field of medicine.

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