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Department of Law and Society

The Law & Society minor will provide students with an introduction to law as both a profession and a field of study. In both its curricular and co-curricular components, this minor will encourage the students to consider how the mission of Wheeling Jesuit University, in particular our commitment to life-long education, leadership and service might be applied to the study and practice of law. In doing so, the minor will help prepare students for a future education in law or a career in the legal profession.

A. Law & Society minor requires the completion of the following requirements:

1. Eighteen hours of coursework distributed in the following manner:


PHI 254 Philosophy of Law
And one of the following:

PHI 250 Philosophy of Jesuit Education
PHI 240 Philosophy of Peace and Justice

Law (Six credit hours from two separate departments)

BUS 315 Business Law
COM 277 Introduction to Legal Writing
COM 304 Communication Law
CRJ 212 Criminal Law & Procedure
CRJ 421 Theories of Management and Administration in Criminal Justice


POS 329 Constitutional Law
POS 330 Civil Rights and Liberties

Society (Six credit hours from two separate departments

COM 204 Argumentation and Evidence
COM 276 Social Analysis and Advocacy Communication
HIS 211 History of the American People
HIS 212 History of the American People
HIS 305 Social Movements of the 1960s
HIS 320 Immigration, Ethnicity and the American Experience
RST 230 Introduction to Catholic Social Thought
RST 310 Catholicism and Modernity: Church & State

2. The completion of a capstone project which addresses at least one of the issues raised in the Law & Society program.
This could be a project within a student's major, e.g., a senior thesis or a significant paper written for one of the minor classes. The project must receive the prior approval of the Law & Society program director.

3. The completion of a co-curricular project.
This could be fulfilled through an internship, the completion of a course with a significant service learning component or an immersion trip coordinated by a WJU department. All co-curricular projects must receive the prior approval of the Law & Society program director.

Note: Completion of the Law & Society minor meets one of the requirements for early admission to Duquesne University School of Law. For further information about the about the Early Admission Agreement between Wheeling Jesuit University and Duquesne University School of Law, please contact Dr. Robert J. Phillips.

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