Department of International Studies

Program Overview

The International Studies Program at Wheeling University is an interdisciplinary major (or minor) comprised of the social sciences, modern and romance languages, theology, history, business and economics, psychology, and communications. The goal of the international studies major is to produce a critically thinking global citizen who is prepared to address the issues of life in an increasingly integrated world.  A globalizing world has meant employers are searching for people with a cross cultural experience and profound understanding of diversity.  Themes found in the major include, but are not limited to: globalization; economic, social and political development; international affairs; cultural literacy; and development of a second language.

Upon completion of the program students will:

  1. Have a better understanding of contemporary global issues (e.g. environment, development, conflict, population, migration, global economy).
  2. Have an awareness of cultural diversity.
  3. Have a clear understanding of political and economic relations between states.
  4. Place current global issues into proper historical context.
  5. Have a solid foundation in a foreign language of their choice.


  • Students focus on developing language skills and working in diverse disciplines such as International Relations, Political Science, History, International Business, Psychology and Literature. 
  • A degree in International Studies is a path to a variety of positions from working in governmental agencies like the U.S. Department of State, USAID or the Defense Department. Graduates have also gone on to serve in the Peace Corps and the Jesuit Volunteer Corps as well as numerous other governmental or non-profit agencies.
  • Students with an International Studies degree are well-prepared to enter the business world or become translators, educators, writers, historians or pursue graduate studies in a number of disciplines.
A degree in international studies opens up opportunities in:
  • public policy
  • government
  • law
  • education
  • business
  • numerous international agencies
  • military service
  • non-governmental organizations.
Outstanding Senior in International Studies
Academic Achievment and Service Award
Outstanding Service Award