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Department of International Studies


If you want to learn about other cultures, gain knowledge about diverse people, histories, customs and communicate in multiple settings and languages, then international studies is the major for you. International studies develops the skills demanded in an increasingly interconnected world. You will gain an understanding of contemporary global issues in their historical context, an awareness of cultural diversity, an understanding of political and economic relations among countries and a solid foundation in a foreign language.

Why Choose Wheeling Jesuit University?

For over twenty years, the International Studies Program has promoted WJU's mission of "educating men and women for others" by developing students who have a broad understanding of the world through a rich interdisciplinary curriculum.  Students focus on developing language skills and working in diverse disciplines such as International Relations, Political Science, History, International Business, Psychology and Literature.  Furthermore, students are strongly encouraged to have at least one short or long term experience abroad to contextualize their academic experience.

A degree in International Studies is a path to a variety of positions from working in governmental agencies like the U.S. Department of State, USAID or the Defense Department.  Graduates have also gone on to serve in the Peace Corps and the Jesuit Volunteer Corps as well as numerous other governmental or non-profit agencies.  Students with an International Studies degree are well-prepared to enter the business world or become translators, educators, writers, historians or pursue graduate studies in a number of disciplines.

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