Department of History Faculty

Image of Dan Weimer

Dan Weimer
Associate Professor of History
B.A., John Carroll University, M.A. & Ph.D., Kent State University

Phone: 304-243-2004

Selected Publications: "The Politics of Contamination: Herbicides, Drug Control, and Environmental Law", Diplomatic History, Volume 41, Issue 5, 1 November 2017, Pages 847–873; Seeing Drugs: Modernization, Counterinsurgency, and U.S. Narcotics Control in the Third World, 1969-1976 (Kent State University Press, 2011); "Drugs-as-a-Disease: Heroin, Metaphors, and Identity in Nixon's Drug War," Janus Head 6.2 (Winter 2004), 260-81.

Image of Jeff Rutherford

Jeff Rutherford
Associate Professor of History
B.A., SUNY at Binghamton, M.A., SUNY at Albany, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Phone: 304-243-2276 

Selected Publications: Co-author with Adrian Wettstein, The German Army on the Eastern Front: An Inner View of the Ostheer’s Experiences of War (Pen & Sword Press, 2018); Combat and Genocide on the Eastern Front: The German Infantry’s War, 1941-1944(Cambridge University Press, 2014); Co-editor with Alex J. Kay and David Stahel, Nazi Policy on the Eastern Front: Total War, Genocide, and Radicalization (University of Rochester Press, 2012).