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Program Overview

Our Exercise Science Program seeks to Educate about Exercise as Evidence-Based Science for the Enhancement of One's Function, Health, Fitness, and Performance across Mind, Body, and Spirit. We seek to Help Others through the Appropriate Prescription and Application of that Knowledge. Exercise Prescription is both Art and Science, thereby requiring continued Experience and Education throughout Life in Service to and among Others.

The future holds great promise for those educated in exercise science. An aging society needs rehabilitative therapy, athletes need training, and the masses need diet and exercise education and encouragement. Indeed, exercise is medicine as well as the closest thing we have to a 'fountain of youth'. As exercise needs dosed in terms of frequency, intensity, time, and type, who better to do this than the exercise professional? Our Exercise Science program's primary goal is to develop professionals who are willing and prepared to help all individuals achieve an optimal level of function, health, and well-being. The Exercise Science BS degree program will enrich students with the ethos of life, leadership, and service with, and among, others.