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Dr. Paula Makris
Department Chair
Email: pmakris@wju.edu
Phone: 1-304-243-4427

Spotlight Students

Image of Joan Cotter. Joan Cotter
Focus: Minor in Creative Writing.
Favorite aspect of the department: The professors in the department are very supportive, and they'll do what they can in order to help you. I also enjoy the creative writing workshops. The workshop style is constructive and it has helped me push myself to be a better writer.
Accomplishments: Through Circle K International, I have been inducted into the Society of Distinguished Collegians.
Future plans: I will be going grad school right away for counseling psychology. I plan on getting my license to practice as therapist, and I want to specialize in child and family. Of course, I will continue to write!

Image of Laura Kane. Laura Kane
Focus: Film Studies Minor and Communications Major
Favorite aspect of the department: The department has helped me to understand different aspects of art and film. I watched movies in a whole different emotional state now! I almost live my life through the movie!
Future plans: After graduation, I plan to work with non-profit service organizations; hopefully I'll find one related to film!

Image of Emily Teachout. Emily Teachout
Focus: Film Studies
Favorite aspect of the department: You get to experience new things and new cultures through films. This helps me personally just because I'm majoring in history and French.
Future plans: I'm majoring in History and French, but I'm still not sure what I plan on doing after school.

Image of Christopher Bohinski. Christopher Bohinski
Focus: Sophomore
Focus: My focus in the department is being accomplished through my independent major. This independent major focuses on music theory and theater.
Favorite aspect of the department: I have been able to become successful in these fields because of the different courses I am able to take during my time here at WJU.
Accomplishments: Along with being involved in the annual spring musical on two occasions, I have been able to sing at various events on and off campus and act in many of the different plays produced at WJU.
Future plans: My future plans after graduation include going to medical school.  I want to specialize in nutrition, especially because of my recent weight loss.

Image of Grace Williams Grace Williams
Focus: Public Relations and Social Advocacy
Favorite aspect of the department: The small class sizes and the detailed assignments, the flexibility in course requirements, and projects that relate to the real work force.
Accomplishments: I have recieved the Gloriam Award, and been on the Dean's list. I have a manager position at the Ratt.
Future plans: After graduation, I plan to apply for Jesuit Volunteer Corps, and I eventually want to be an event planner and PR person for a non-profit organization.

Image of Rebecca Olsavsky. Rebecca Olsavsky
Focus: Public Relations/Advertising
Favorite aspect of the department: The Communications professors always work towards preparing students to work in the "real world." They emphasize the importance of being aware of the many ways in which one can communicate.
Accomplishments: I have received the Laut Scholarship and am on the Dean's List. In regards to internships, I have worked in the university's PR department, assisting in writing press releases. Also, I interned as Project Manager for a local hospital's web site redesign project.
Future plans: After graduation, I plan to find a job, whether in PR or advertising, that allows me to develop the brand of a company.

Image of Shriya Adhikary Shriya Adhikary
Year: Sophomore
Focus: Print Journalism/Public Relations
Favorite aspect of the department: The focus on application of skills we learn in the classroom to realistic, professional settings/situations and the professors' willingness to assist students outside of the classroom and go above their call of duty has helped me develop significantly as a communications major.
Accomplishments: I have been on the Dean's List since I started at WJU, and I received the Glorium Award this year. This summer I will either be interning with a NGO in D.C. or with a local VA newspaper.
Future plans: After graduation, I plan to work for a non-profit organization in their communications/PR department or find a job with a print/online publication.

Image of Christopher Reel. Christopher Reel
Focus: Corporate Communications/Pre-Law
Favorite aspect of the department: The way the professors relate material to real-world experiences. Gives the students the opportunities to open their minds up as they would within a professional setting.
Accomplishments: Gold, Khourey, and Turak Law firm implemented pieces of an advertising campaign that a team including myself created for them. We were recognized not only within the university, but also in the Wheeling newspaper.
Future plans: I plan to attend law school after graduating WJU, and from there I plan to pursue a career as a criminal prosecutor.

Image of Iam O'Bara. Ian O'Bara
Focus: My focus in the department is film/creative writing
Favorite aspect of the department: The fact that the teachers are so helpful is the greatest help to me
Accomplishments: I'm going to be the vice president of the Adventure Society next year.
Future plans: After graduation I would like to go to graduate school for film and eventually be a screenwriter/director.

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