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Program Overview

English majors think critically, a skill valued by employers in all fields. You'll be able to analyze materials and situations and then communicate your findings effectively, either verbally or in writing. English majors are interconnected with Creative Writing. With courses in such programs they learn and refine very specific skills, gain practical experience, and enhance their understanding of the applicability of their language and critical thinking skills in the "real" world beyond academics. Our curriculum is set up to allow minor programs and concentrations that can be added to any course of study. Students complete a capstone thesis that reflects their areas of interest. Further, English majors appreciate the art of creative expression, inspiring their own creativity in the written word, visual art, theater, and film. An English degree from Wheeling University offers you a challenging, enjoyable university experience as well as a stepping stone to a fulfilling, exciting future.

As a major or minor in our department you can look forward to:

  • Professors committed to flexibility and care in advising students;
  • Professors who take the time to listen to advisees and encourage them to develop multifaceted plans for college life and beyond. We are in close contact with our department advisees.
  • Professors who engender an inviting and collegial atmosphere within the English Department. We aim to create an inviting, aesthetic, and collegial atmosphere that encourages community among the students and faculty. Close interaction with faculty gives our majors an understanding of the faculty’s evident passion for our subject matter.


  • Wheeling University’s English program offers you a solid foundation in the study of literature—by genres, period studies, canonical works and authors. You’ll have multiple avenues to pursue your own research interests, strengthening your writing and critical thinking skills. English majors meet such success in the professional world because the specific set of skills that they master—including metaphoric thinking, communication, writing, research, critical thinking, and empathy—translates easily to a wide variety of careers. (Source: “Why English Majors are the Hot New Hires” by Bruna Martinuzzi)
  • The program is committed to diversity and inclusion and reinforces that commitment by helping you find your place within the larger community through texts that examine global values.
  • At Wheeling University you will work towards defining “literature” for yourself in order to see reading as a vital activity that results in the enhancement of the human experience.

According to a study published in the Wall Street Journal, over the course of their careers, liberal arts majors in fields such as English out-earn their college classmates who trained for a specific profession. ( Source: "This College Professor Has a Message for Liberal Arts Majors" by Hunter Baker)

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Paul A. Orr Award
International English Honor Society: Sigma Tau Delta (WU Alpha Omicron Gamma Chapter)
English Award, WU Undergraduate Student Research and Scholarship Symposium
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