DUSS Early Intervention

The Director for Undergraduate Student Success coordinates an early intervention system for students exhibiting at-risk behaviors, such as missing class, failing to hand in assignments, or doing poorly on exams. Once faculty notify the DUSS about these behaviors, the DUSS attempts to reach out to the at-risk students and intervene before the damage is irreparable. Sending emails of concern, meeting with students, advising students, referring students to the appropriate resources, and helping students create Academic Success Plans are some of the ways the DUSS attempts to help struggling students. 

The DUSS is also a member of the Student Outreach Retention Team (SORT), a committee that comprises members from various areas of campus who come together to help students in need. For example, if a student has a death in the family, the DUSS can notify the students’ professors, and a member of Campus Ministry can send condolences. Or if a student is not attending class, the DUSS can inform someone from residence life or the athletic department who will then follow up with the student.

Academic Success Plan

If students fall behind, it may help them to get back on track by meeting with the Director for Undergraduate Student Success and creating an Academic Success Plan.

FERPA Release Form

By federal law, university officials are not allowed to discuss a student's grades with his or her parents unless the student has given permission. Students who would like university officials to be able to talk to their parents should sign the FERPA release and submit it to the Registrar or to the Director for Undergraduate Student Success.

Withdrawal Form

In spite of the University's best efforts, students sometimes choose to withdraw or transfer to another university. Students who do not plan to return to WJU need to complete a withdrawal form and meet with the Director for Student Success to begin the withdrawal process.