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Dr. Nancy Bressler
Email: nbressler@wju.edu
Phone: 304-243-2302

Facts About Communications

Sometimes you want to do it all - narrowing options is simply not the way forward. You want a degree that allows you to tap into your diverse talents and fits your vision. Pursuing a degree in Communications at Wheeling Jesuit University lets you to take your creativity and couple it with an academic program which explores the multiple opportunities that open up to you when you are an expert in human interaction and information exchange. You can tailor your career to your personal interests, whether they be in writing, speaking, new media, or emerging communications technologies. The possibilities are endless.

Why Choose Wheeling Jesuit University?

Wheeling Jesuit's Communications Program offers two potential majors. If you want a broader, more general preparation, you can choose to major in Communication Studies. Alternatively, if you want to specialize in a specific area of communication, you can major in Professional Communications and focus your studies in areas such as contemporary media, corporate communications, graphic design, or web communications. Either way, our program is unique because you can customize it to reflect what interests you most. Close interaction and dialogue with a faculty advisor allows for a more customized approach to the curriculum. Seminar courses each semester will help you develop your professional contacts through job shadowing, networking, resume preparation, internships, practicums, interviews and professional juries.

Professional Communications

At Wheeling Jesuit, majors in Professional Communications choose from four pre-professional tracks:

  • Professional Communication - Electives in advertising, graphic design, persuasion, and mock trials.
  • Media Studies - Elective courses in persuasion, creative writing, media in society, and demographics.
  • Media Writing - Elective courses in advertising, creative writing, screenwriting, and public relations.
  • Integrated Marketing - Elective courses in advertising, marketing research, public relations, and accounting.

Communication Studies

A major in Communication Studies focuses on preparing you for further education at the graduate level or for general entry-level communication and business professions. This major provides a global approach to Communication Studies and will expose you to electives within the Communications major along with complementary courses in other disciplines.

You'll be hard pressed to find a program in Communications that is more progressive, more customizable, more dynamic and more focused than what is offered at Wheeling Jesuit.

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