Department of Chemistry

Program Overview

Chemistry is the science that enables you to understand the material universe – its composition, the changes that these materials undergo and the resultant energy transformations.  It also is a creative science, enabling its practitioners to form new compounds and study their properties and reactions.  The chemistry program at WJU offers both a BS and BA degree in chemistry.  If your goal is to become a professional chemist, or you plan to obtain a graduate degree in chemistry, then the BS degree program is for you.  The BA degree program is an education in chemistry, but with sufficient flexibility that allows you to combine your undergraduate degree with the preparation and course work necessary for various related professions, such as teaching or heal-related programs including pharmacy, physical therapy, PA, and medical programs.   


  • While your classroom experience is designed to lead you to an understanding of the principles of chemistry, it’s in the laboratory and especially through participation in undergraduate research that you will do chemistry.
  • Every year, our students travel to the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society to present their research, usually through poster presentations highlighting undergraduate research.
  • Students are very successful at obtaining summer internships at large universities through REU programs. Students have worked at WVU, University of Cincinnati, and Kent State University.

CHE-316 Instrumental Analysis
CHE-314 Biochemistry
CHE-318 Environmental Chemistry
CHE-377, 378, 477, 478 – Undergraduate Research

Our graduates are in medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, physical therapy graduate programs and forensic chemistry programs. Others have landed positions in industry as laboratory chemists for companies including Bayer and Eli Lilly. Problem-solving skills and creativity are central to an education in chemistry. These are skills valued by employers and ones that will allow you to lead a professional life of meaning and significance.
Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry
American Institute of Chemists Foundation Award
The Gamma Sigma Epsilon National Society De Lap-Halcomb Scholarship
B.S. with Distinction
Chemistry majors are very successful in obtaining internships at large universities and in industrial or governmental settings.  Recent internships have been at West Virginia University, University of Cincinnati, Duquesne University, Goddard Space Flight Center in Md, Mylan Pharmaceuticals 
Gamma Sigma Epsilon, National Chemistry Honor Society
Chem Club