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Dave Dennis
Department Chair
Email: ddennis@wju.edu
Phone: 1-304-243-2164

Program Goals & Outcomes

Athletic Training Program Mission
Wheeling Jesuit University's Athletic Training Program (ATP) as a subsidiary of the Department of Athletic Training has a mission which is to reinforce the University's mission of educating young men and women for life, leadership, and service with and among others. In addition, the ATP mission is to educate, disseminate, and apply knowledge in health and rehabilitation sciences. The department strives to develop critically thinking, innovative, and evidence-based professionals who engage in Jesuit tradition of life-long learning and leadership in the areas of clinical practice, research, and community service.

Athletic Training Program Vision
The VISION of the ATP at Wheeling Jesuit University is to:

  1. Be a student-centered athletic training program to provide academic, professional and personal growth of the students, faculty, and affiliated staff and preceptors.
  2. Integrate innovative approaches to enhance learning.
  3. Develop an educational curricula based on current CAATE standards and best evidence professional practice.
  4. Create a program where students, faculty, and affiliated staff and preceptors incorporate scholarship, professionalism, diversity and service.
  5. Explore our pedagogy and andragogy approaches to accommodate diversity in learning styles.
Athletic Training Program Purpose, Goals, and Student Learning Outcomes
The purpose of the ATP at Wheeling Jesuit University is to prepare students for a career in athletic training that leads to the students fulfilling a path of life, leadership, and service with and among others.

The goal of the ATP is to:
  1. Provide an educational program for students desiring to obtain BOC certification
  2. Provide students the ability to practice their knowledge, skills and abilities, learned in the didactic education, in the clinical setting under direct supervision of qualified healthcare preceptors.
  3. Incorporate leadership abilities through the Jesuit faith by fully engaging in their clinical sites and community services
  4. Provide opportunities for students to participate in the advancement of the athletic training profession
  5. Allow students to compete for scholarly awards, scholarships, and grants
  6. Incorporate a desire to commit to engage in lifelong learning.
  7. Develop competent and confident students entering the profession of Athletic Training as health care providers.
Program/Student Learning Outcomes
The students, upon completion of the ATP, will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate cognitive and psychomotor competence in the 12 content areas of the Athletic Training Educational Competencies (ATEC). (G1,2)
  2. Integrate communication skills, both written and oral, as a health care provider within the larger context of the health care system to be able to work collectively with other health care providers. (G2-7)
  3. Assess and construct ethical, moral, and legal behavior as an athletic trainer. (G1,2,4,7)
  4. Manage patient care (based on their development of knowledge, clinical experience, critical thinking, and evidence-based decision making) to integrate the most current technological, innovated, and evidence-based approach to effectively practice with diverse population in a variety of clinical settings, and with various allied healthcare professionals. (G1-7)
  5. Integrate the Jesuit tradition/mission to incorporate life, leadership, and serve with and among others. (G1,3,6,7)

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