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Dave Dennis
Department Chair
Email: ddennis@wju.edu
Phone: 1-304-243-2164

Admissions Process/Admissions Requirements

Competitive and Selective Program
WJU's ATP is a highly competitive and selective program. Declaring Athletic Training as your major does not guarantee acceptance into the program. No more than twenty students (average 14-16) will be admitted into the ATP annually. Meeting the requirements for admission does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Students who do not get admitted into the ATP are encouraged to identify areas for improvement and re-apply to the program the following year. This would then require the student to complete a 5th year at WJU. Admission decisions are based on academic performance, completed AT application, clinical observation hours, interview results, and written and verbal communication skills and abilities.

Application Process/Contents
Students must complete a formal application to be admitted into the Professional Phase of the ATP. This application is available following spring break of the student's freshman year. The application is due by March 31st each year. In order to apply, students must have completed or are in the process of completing the following courses and have a grade of "C" or better (or currently be enrolled in/planning to enroll in May):

  • BIO 127 Anatomy and Physiology Lab
  • BIO 128 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 129 Anatomy and Physiology II
  • PSY 110 General Psychology
  • CLS 121 Intro to Hospital Science
The ATP application and supporting documents are available to students in the Athletic Training Faculty Offices. After submission of the application, qualified applicants may be invited for an interview with a committee comprised of ATP faculty, staff, and students. Interviews take place prior to finals week during the spring semester.

Information required as part of the application includes the following. Greater detail for each item can be found on the application.
  • Personal data information
  • Verification of grades
  • Essay responses to specific questions
  • Verification of clinical observation hours and submission of performance evaluations from those hours
Once a student is admitted into the ATP, the following documents are required prior to the beginning of their sophomore year.
  • Completion of Health Information including:
    • Physical exam: must include the physician's signed statement verifying the student's ability to meet the Technical Standards
    • Updated immunization records on file with the University Health Center (immunizations must remain current for the duration of the program)
      • Proof of completion of the Hepatitis B vaccine (3-part vaccine or signature of waiver)
      • Annual TB screen or full test, when applicable
      • Tetanus
      • Measles, mumps and rubella
      • Meningococcal vaccine recommended
  • Verification of your ability to meet the Technical Standards
  • Completion of University's Universal Precautions training (annual requirement)
  • Read and sign the Commitment to Excellence Statement (annual requirement)
ATP Admission Process Interview Committee
If needed, all admission interviews will normally be conducted within a one week period. Students will be brought in in equal groups and meet with the PD, CEC, faculty, and one or two senior level students. The Head AT may also be present if time permits. Interviews will last at least 30 minutes but no more than 45 minutes per session.

ATP Admission Committee
The ATP Admission Committee will be comprised of the PD, CEC, and ATP faculty members. Input on Admissions is given by all preceptors and current ATP students.

Notification of Acceptance
Students may be notified of their acceptance to the program as early as June 1 depending on the number of applicants each year. Those students that are conditionally accepted into the ATP upon successful completion of the required pre-professional phase course work will be notified as early as June 1 with final decision being made by August 1 depending on completion of summer course work.

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