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Class of 2014 - Student Bios

Student Name: Jeffrey Cancelmi
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
High School: Seton-LaSalle High School
Hobbies: Playing soccer and basketball.
Professional Goals: To go to graduate school for Physical Therapy.
Fun Fact: I have won two state championships in high school for soccer.
Image of Jeffrey Cancelmi.

Student Name: Zac Currence
Hometown: Morgantown, WV
High School: University High School
Hobbies: Soccer, exercising, xbox, loving Jesus.
Professional Goals:  Medical school/Sports Medicine
Fun Fact: I once climbed a three story building to spear a watermelon on the building's steeple.
Image of Zac Currence.

Student Name: Adrianna Ferraro
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
High School: Hampton High School
Hobbies: Sports, music, watching tv, running, Hanging with Friends (the app), and hanging with friends.
Professional Goals: Attend Physical Therapy school, either at Pitt or Wheeling Jesuit and work for an outpatient clinic somewhere in Pittsburgh.
Fun Fact: I've talked to Dane Cook before without even realizing it was him.
Image of Adrianna Ferraro.

Student Name: Mike Garman
 Toronto, OH
High School: Toronto High School
Hobbies: Baseball and video games
Professional Goals:  Go to graduate school for physical therapy.
Image of Mike Garman.

Student Name: Nathan Harshberger
 New Martinsville, WV
High School: Magnolia High School
Hobbies: Running, playing NCAA Football 12 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on xbox 360, haning out with friends, playing guitar.
Professional Goals: Attend graduate school for Physical Therapy and eventually have my own business.
Fun Fact: I have taken karate classes since I was eight years old and I have reached the rank of 2nd degree black belt.
Image of Nathan Harshberger.

Student Name: Brittany Hinz
Hometown: Madison, OH
High School: Madison High School
Hobbies: Playing softball, hanging out with friends and family and my boyfriend, shopping, going to the beach and playing with my puppy.
Professional Goals: To attend graduate school for Physical Therapy and work in a physical therapy office focusing on athletes and children.
Fun Fact: My favorite color is pink, I love Vera Bradley, and hope to travel the world someday.
Image of Brittany Hinz.

Student Name: Kimberly Lafferre 
 Woodsfield, OH
High School: Monroe Central High School
Hobbies: Playing volleyball, hunting, and having fun.
Professional Goals: To get a degree in Physical Therapy and work in a clinic.
Fun Facts: I played on the only girls' basketball team to make it to the Sweet Sixteen in our high school's history.
Image of Kimberly Lafferre.

Student Name: Mitch Ludewig
Hometown: Toronto, OH
High School: Toronto High School
Hobbies: All sports, hanging with friends, and playing video games.
Professional Goals: Make it into graduate school for physical therapy.
Image of Mitch Ludewig.

Student Name: Frank Maltese
 Detroit, MI
High School: Auburndale Senior High School 
Hobbies: Sports, time with wife & kids, movies.
Professional Goals: To be on a professional sports team.
Fun Fact: Culinary Institute of America Culinary graduate, play Michigan basketball

Image of Frank Maltese.

Student Name: Dylan Plocki
Pittsburgh, PA
High School: Fox Chapel High School 
Hobbies: Baseball, xbox, and hanging out with friends.
Professional Goals: Graduate school for Physical Therapy.

Image of Dylan Plocki.

Student Name: Michelle Pottratz
Danville, IN
High School: Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
Hobbies: Running, having dance battles, watching football, hanging out with family and friends.
Professional Goals: Get my master's in Athletic Training and work for a college or professional team.
Fun Fact: I went on an immersion trip to Spain for seven weeks and was not allowed to speak English.
Image of Michelle Pottratz.

Student Name: Michael Probert
Frederick, MD
High School: Tuscarora High School
Hobbies: Weight lifting, wrestling, late night food runs, hanging with the bros.
Professional Goals: Physician Assistant school and become a PA in the emergency room of a hospital.
Fun Fact: I can solve a Rubik's Cube in two to three minutes.
Image of Michael Probert.

Student Name: Jerelyn Rothrock
Ripley, WV
High School: Ripley High School
Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, sports, movies, and playing Just Dance.
Professional Goals: Go to graduate school for Physical Therapy.
Fun Fact: I met Jason Michael Carroll in the Bob Evans in my hometown and my family has a street named after us in Weirton, WV.
Image of Jerelyn Rothrock.

Student Name: Kelci Rullo
Davidsville, PA
High School: Conemaugn Township High School
Hobbies: Working out and cooking.
Professional Goals: Go to graduate school for Sports Psychology.
Fun Fact: I have been a competitive swimmer for the past 14 years.
Image of Kelci Rullo.

Student Name: Nicole Scarfo
 Brilliant, OH
High School: Steubenville Catholic Central High School 
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies and playing sports.
Professional Goals: Become a Physical Therapist.

Image of Nicole Scarfo.

Student Name: Marissa Todoroff
Mt. Pleasant, OH
High School: Buckeye Local High School
Hobbies: Shopping, dancing, and hanging out with friends.
Professional Goals: Go to graduate school for Physical Therapy.
Image of Marissa Todoroff.

Student Name: Caitlin Tomczyk
Wheeling, WV
High School: Wheeling Central Catholic High School
Hobbies: Playing soccer, snowboarding, and living life.
Professional Goals: To get a degree in Physical Therapy and work at a university or for a professional sports team.
Image of Caitlin Tomczyk.

Student Name: Brooke Trowbridge
Cameron, WV
High School: Cameron High School
Hobbies: Cheerleading, gymnastics, FFA, hanging out with friends.
Professional Goals: Masters in Athletic Training.
Fun Fact: I sell market pigs to pay for college tuition and books.
Image of Brooke Trowbridge.

Student Name: Ethan Weiss
Venetia, PA
High School: Seton LaSalle High School
Hobbies: Baseball, hunting, and cars.
Professional Goals: Open a Physical Therapy clinick with a lifelong friend from home.
Image of Ethan Weiss.

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