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Workplace Practices: Smoking

SECTION: HR - Beneftis NEXT REVIEW DATE: July 2017
APPROVED: April 2011 REVIEWER: Director of Human Resources
APPROVED BY: William C. Rickle, S.J. REVISION DATE: October 2016

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Wheeling Jesuit University has a vital interest in maintaining a healthy and safe environment for its students, faculty, staff and visitors while respecting individual choice. Toward those goals, the University has designated both Smoking and Smoke Free areas. When the desire of smokers conflicts with the desire of nonsmokers, the desires of the nonsmokers will prevail.


2.1 Policy Statement

2.1.1 Smoking is NOT permitted in ANY indoor area including, but not limited to: all areas inside of University buildings and vehicles. There are NO exceptions. All indoor or confined areas are designated as "Smoke Free Areas."

2.1.2 Smoking is NOT permitted in ANY outdoor facilities and areas (exception: designated smoking areas) used for spectator sports, meetings, entertainment, and dining including, but not limited to: exterior balconies or porches attached to buildings, doors and windows (including Whelan Hall and CET), audience areas where people or spectators congregate such as athletic fields and stadium grandstands, and outdoor dining facilities. These areas are designated as "Smoke Free Areas."

2.1.3 Smokers MUST utilize designated "Smoking Areas" only. Smokers must insure that smoke does not enter buildings through doors or windows. It is the smoker's responsibility to dispose of cigarette butts in the proper receptacles and not in garbage cans or on the ground.

2.2 Definitions

2.2.1 Smoking - includes both tobacco products and electronic smoking devices ("e-cigarettes").

2.2.2 Smoking Areas - areas on campus where smoking is permitted.

2.2.3 Smoke Free Areas - areas on campus where smoking is prohibited; any area not designated a smoking area is by default a smoke free area.

2.3 Responsibilities of the Campus Population

2.3.1 Smokers must respect the rights of non-smokers and smoke within designated Smoking Areas only. Nonsmokers must respect the rights of smokers to use the areas designated as Smoking Areas.

2.3.2 Violations are to be reported to supervisors, Resident Assistants, Security, Residence Life-Student Development, Human Resources or other appropriate University Faculty or Administrative personnel.

2.4 Coverage
This policy applies to everyone on the University campus including students, faculty, employees, contractors, vendors, visitors and others providing services to the University.

2.5 Campus "Smoking Areas" are designated as an attachment.

2.6 The University does not discriminate in employment based solely upon the use of tobacco products.


The Director of Human Resources has the authority to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice and with the approval of the University President or designee.


University Smoking Map

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