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Organization: Human Rights, Mission and Ethics

SECTION: HR - Organization NEXT REVIEW DATE: February 2017
APPROVED: April 2011 REVIEWER: Director of Human Resources
APPROVED BY: William C. Rickle, S.J. REVISION DATE: June 2016

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Wheeling Jesuit University, one of 28 American colleges and universities in the Jesuit tradition of academic excellence and service to others, educates the whole person - caring for the mind, body and spirit of each student. The heart of a Jesuit education lies in learning to discern God's will on our lives, and applying that knowledge to all we are and do. This tradition can only be supported by employees who understand and commit to the underlying philosophies, mission and values that support that tradition.


2.1 Policy Statement

Human Rights

2.1.1 The members of Wheeling Jesuit University respect the dignity and worth of the individual and strive for the preservation and protection of fundamental human rights. While requiring for themselves freedom of inquiry and communication, members of the University community accept the responsibility this freedom requires.

2.1.2 Wheeling Jesuit University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, creed, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, marital status, genetics, disability, or Vietnam Era or disabled veteran status in matters relating to employment of or in consideration of eligible students for admissions, rewards, or financial aid where and in so far as these classes are defined and protected by applicable law. Nor does the University discriminate in matters relating to employment of any individual on the basis of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, religion, gender, ethnicity, national origin, age, marital status, genetics, disability, or Vietnam Era or disabled veteran status where and in so far as these classes are defined and protected by applicable law.

2.1.3 The University is also committed to providing its employees and students with an environment free from implicit or explicit behavior used to control, influence or otherwise negatively affect the well-being of any member of the University community. Therefore, the University explicitly prohibits and vigorously opposes any form of harassment based upon any class, activity, or status protected by law.

2.1.4 Harassment includes an unwelcome emphasis on any of the protected characteristics in such a way as to create an intimidating, hostile or demeaning work or educational environment. Any form of harassment will result in appropriate corrective action and disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or separation from the University. Any harassment which involves physical abuse or the violation of another individual's privacy or property may result in immediate separation from the University.

2.1.5 Although harassment is not intended or perceived, generally romantic relationships between a person in power and a subordinate (i.e., faculty / student, supervisor / employee, employee / student), even where coercion is not involved, are considered inappropriate. Such relationships may exploit the trust and dependency of students and subordinates and impede professional judgment.

2.1.6 To maintain a work environment and academic community that is free from all forms of harassment, the University maintains comprehensive Title IX and Harassment Policies and a thorough complaint procedure. Any person who believes he or she has experienced harassment in any form is strongly encouraged to consult either the University's Title IX or Harassment Policy and make free use of the resources and the complaint procedure provided therein free from retaliation.

2.2 The University Mission

2.2.1 Life: The Jesuit traditions of educational excellence and service to others guide all the programs at Wheeling Jesuit University. By integrating learning, research and economic development with classical knowledge and Christian revelation, the University seeks to foster competence, creativity, and innovation throughout and beyond the campus community. Graduates of the University enter the world of work with socially-responsible goals, a lifelong appetite for learning, and the desire to make our universe a better place.

2.2.2 Leadership: To model the Jesuit concern for regional and global neighbors, the University welcomes people of all creeds, races and nationalities to share in the intelligent pursuit of excellence. The University promotes close student-faculty contacts and encourages students to develop their full potential for leadership. Through a grounding in the liberal arts and, above all, the example of Jesus Christ, the University endeavors to produce intelligent, moral leaders who will champion the Jesuit values of faith, peace and justice. Wheeling Jesuit envisions a dynamic leadership role for the University in the lives of its students and in the world at large.

2.2.3 Service with and among others: In its faculty and students, its research, and outreach, the University is national and international. Yet as the only Catholic institution of higher learning in the Appalachian region, Wheeling Jesuit also values its distinctive mission to the immediate area, educating local men and women and returning them to enrich their own communities. Wheeling Jesuit University firmly believes its graduates will enter the professional world prepared to use their God-given talents not solely for personal fulfillment, but as men and women in service to others.

2.3 The University Code of Ethics - Individual Focus on Values and Ethics

2.3.1 As a Jesuit University, with a tradition that extends more than 450 years into history, we are founded on the principles of intellectual competence and caring for others. This foundation presupposes that the men and women, who act on behalf of Wheeling Jesuit University, act in concert with these salient values and ethics. Actions that emerge from competence and compassion also presuppose that these men and women would not intentionally act to undermine the university, its policies, laws of the land, or other persons. In all cases, the men and women of this university should act in ways that work to elevate the institution, its students and all other employees. This Jesuit tradition provides the core values of our Code of Ethical Conduct.

2.3.2 The University is entrusted by society with great resources and commensurately great responsibilities for creation, dissemination and preservation of knowledge. University administrators, managers, supervisors and employees play a key role in assuring that high standards of ethical practice attend to the custody and use of these resources. The personal and professional conduct of these individuals reflects on the university, the collective profession, and the higher education enterprise at large. Our employees conduct should be characterized by integrity and dignity; all employees should expect and encourage such conduct by others. To guide employees in setting and practicing high standards of ethical conduct, University employees should adopt and be faithful to personal values that:

  • Accord respect to self and others including the environment and the creatures who live therein;
  • Preserve honesty in actions and utterances;
  • Give fair and just treatment to all;
  • Accept intellectual and moral responsibility;
  • Aspire to achieve quality;
  • Refuse conflict, or the appearance of conflict, between personal and institutional interests; and
  • Foster expressions of one's own view with tolerance for the views of others.

2.3.3 Our employees should act with, and should strive to advance, competence, both in self and in others. They should understand and support their institution's objectives and policies, be capable of interpreting them within and beyond the institution, and contribute constructively to their ongoing evaluation and reformulation. Finally, they should communicate to institutional colleagues the content of this Code of Ethics with the following rights:

  • The right to work in a professional and supportive environment;
  • The right to have clear, written, statements of the conditions of their employment, procedures for professional review, and a job description outlining their duties and responsibilities;
  • Within the scope of their authority or policy, the right to exercise judgment and perform duties without disruption or harassment; and
  • Freedom of conscience and the right to refuse to engage in actions that violate the ethical principles contained in this Code or provisions of law.


The Director of Human Resources has the authority to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice and with the approval of the University President, Senior Vice President, and the Board of Trustees.


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Title IX Policy

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