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Employment: Recruiting Budgets

Date approved:
July 2013
Approved by:
President and CFO
Date to be reviewed:
Reviewed by:
Director of Human Resources
Date revised:
Revision number:
Compliance Committee:
As Scheduled


The Recruiting Budget works in support of the Hiring Process and Open Positions Budget. Wheeling Jesuit University allocates a specific amount to recruit the most qualified, exceptional, people available to fill our position vacancies within the limits of our budgetary constraints.  This policy defines the parameters necessary to insure uniform application of funds.


Recruiting expenditures are necessary to hire qualified persons; however, the University cannot guarantee that any or all requested recruiting methods and expenditures will be approved. University departments and divisions should strive to minimize expenses whenever and wherever possible while meeting at a minimum the criteria set forth by these policies.

2.1 Advertising Open Position

Human Resources must approve all advertising text and placement and  will endeavor to maximize the funding allocated by using free sites or sites that "double up" with both  written and electronic advertizing.  Human Resources will post and charge reasonable expenses  associated with job announcements to the  annual Recruiting Budget.  Depending on the nature of the  position, the maximum expense absorbed will vary around the amount previously determined and  approved for that position on the budget.  The Vice President of Administration or the Director of  Human Resources must approve the number and type of job advertisements.  The Chief  Financial  Officer must approve any expenses in excess of the job search's stated maximum as posted in the Recruiting Budget.

2.2 Phone Interviews

The hiring departments will pay the costs associated with phoning or otherwise contacting any applicant or conducting applicant phone interviews

2.3 Travel to On-Campus Interviews

  1. Hiring departments must arrange all on-campus interviews, with the following limitations: The University will pay for travel for exempt positions, including faculty.  No more than two (2) candidates for any one (1) professional exempt position will be brought on-site incurring travel expenses [three (3) candidates if the search pool could be further diversified through inclusion of minority candidates]; video interviews such as Skype should be used as an alternate before the final (2-3) candidates are selected. 
  2. Once the final (2-3) candidates are selected, the hiring department must research multiple vendor  offers to find the overall best advance purchase, regular coach fare, on flights.  "Stay-over Saturday"  flight rates must be balanced against added hotel, meal, and entertainment expenses to determine  the overall most economical flight arrangements. 
  3. Rental car expenses may not be incurred unless exceptional situations warrant them; in these  circumstances, the department must obtain prior written approval from its Vice President.  If a  candidate self-drives (without en route lodging) to campus because it is more economical than  advance purchase airfare, the hiring department may reimburse  actual gas and on-the-road meal  costs upon obtaining his/her detailed receipts. Alcohol purchases will not be reimbursed.
  4. If on-campus housing is not available, the hiring department will procure hotel reservations using  only the hotels with which the University has negotiated rates.  For availability of on-campus housing,  please contact the Student Development Office.  For information on negotiated-rate hotels, please  contact the Coordinator of Facilities and Conference Services.
  5. No en route lodging will be provided for any distances of less than ninety (90) miles. Candidates will be  limited to a maximum of two (2) nights lodging either on campus or in a pre-arranged hotel. 
2.4 All meals should be taken in University dining facilities unless, despite best efforts in scheduling, the interviews occur when these facilities are closed. In no event will any single off-campus meal / event exceed $75.00 total cost for all participants; amounts in excess of that amount will not be charged to the Recruiting Budget but will be charged against the hiring department's budget.  Detailed receipts - not credit card summaries - are required for any reimbursement  requests. Alcohol purchases will not be reimbursed.
The $75 "one meal" limit is for multiple University participants who dine with the candidate.  Candidates who are invited on site but dine alone for multiple meals will be limited to a maximum of  $75 per diem to cover their meals. 


The Director of Human Resources, in conjunction with the CFO and the President of the University, has the authority to approve exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice, and in compliance with other policy guidelines.  All revisions to this policy must be pre-approved by the Board of Trustees.


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