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Payroll: Payroll, Deductions and Advances

Date approved:
August 2011
Approved by:
Date to be reviewed:
July 2012
Reviewed by:
Director of Human Resources
Date revised:
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Compliance Committee:
As Scheduled


Wheeling Jesuit University is committed to enforcing uniform payroll practices that conform to both state and federal regulations.


2.1 Policy Statement

The University will abide by all federal and state mandated payroll requirements.

2.2 Payroll  

  1. The University is required, by federal law, to withhold federal income taxes from an employee's paycheck and the employee is required to complete a form W-4. If the employee refuses to complete the form, the University will withhold taxes as if the employee were single with zero allowances.
  2. The University is required, by both current federal and West Virginia state law, to compensate no less than the minimum wage to all non-exempt personnel. That amount is currently $7.25 per hour worked with overtime for all hours in excess of forty (40) in the workweek.
  3. Employees are eligible for direct deposit; however, the state of West Virginia does not permit compulsory direct deposit. The Payroll Office will inform the employee of the requirements necessary to initiate direct deposit if the employee so desires.
  4. The state of West Virginia provides that employers must show all an itemized list of all deductions taken on the employees pay check.
  5. The University is required, by state law, to garnish an employees pay up to the maximum permitted by West Virginia state law upon receipt of a court order.
  6. The University will not permit any deductions to be taken from an employees pay absent the approval of the employee (exception: federal and state mandated deductions and court-ordered garnishments); however, employees who terminate and owe the University a balance will be asked to deduct the appropriate amount from their final paycheck or issue a personal check to the University in the appropriate amount. Employees who refuse to do either may be subjected to legal action. 

2.3 Advances

The University does not permit employees to draw advances on their pay.

2.4 Deductions

Employees may elect to take up to three (3) payroll deductions with money being distributed to a bank, savings and loan, credit union or other approved location. If elected, the University's 403 (b) deduction does not toward one of the three (3) noted herein. The Payroll Office will provide the necessary information on the requirements necessary to initiate a payroll deduction.

2.5 Special Situations

The University Payroll Office maintains guidelines regarding pay for special circumstances. Questions regarding pay may be directed to the Payroll Office or the Human Resource Department.  


The Director of Human Resources and the Controller have the authority to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice, and in compliance with changes in federal or state law, with the approval of the University President.  


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