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Benefits: Parking Policy

Date approved:
August 2011
Approved by:
Date to be reviewed:
March 2015
Reviewed by:
Director of Safety and Security
Date revised:
Feb. 2014
Revision number:
Compliance Committee:
As Scheduled


To insure that Wheeling Jesuit University parking privileges are made available to University employees and that the safety and security of the University is not compromised or that the facilities and grounds are not damaged by illegal parking activities.


2.1 Policy Statement
All employees must register all vehicles that they intend to operate on campus through the Office of Safety and Security (currently located in Swint Hall Room 209); all campus parking is coordinated through this office.

2.2 Vehicle Registration 

  1. Registration is free for the first vehicle and a numbered decal, which serves as the visible permit, is provided. This decal is to be hung from the rearview mirror and should be readable from the front of the vehicle. Decals provided for motorcycles are to be placed on the front left from shock absorber casing.
  2. Each employee is entitled to one (1) free parking registration; however, the fee for a second registration is $150 per year. All additional vehicles are also registered at an additional cost of $150 each per year.
  3. For employees who drive different vehicles, it is the employee's responsibility to change the permit from one vehicle to another. The Office of Safety and Security is to be notified if the employee drives a different vehicle under the same permit.
  4. A temporary permit is available through the Office of Safety and Security. These will be issued for employees who may not have access to their own car for a short time.

2.3 Parking Requirements and Restrictions 

  1. A registered, permitted, vehicle may park anywhere on campus where there is a space designated by parking lines.
  2. Parking is prohibited in restricted parking areas such as visitor spaces, time-restricted spaces or handicapped spaces. An authorized handicap parking permit is required to park in designed handicap spaces. The Office of Safety and Security is NOT authorized to grant such permits or permission.
  3. Parking is not permitted on main roadways, fire lanes (designated and prohibited by signage), designated parking lots (ex: the Jesuit Residence parking area), or where curbs are painted yellow.  
  4. Parking must adhere to the posted requirements of each lot. Some lots do not permit overnight parking, some are reserved for students or employees, and others are available for 24/7 parking.

2.4 Violations

  1. Employees are responsible for their own tickets. Violations will be assessed as follows:
    • Vehicle has no valid parking permit - $100
    • Permit not displayed or improperly displayed - $15
    • Parking in handicap space - $50
    • Parking in no parking space - $25
    • Parking in reserved or designated space/lot - $25
    • Parking in two spaces - $25
    • Blocking driveway, access, drive lane - $50
    • Parking on lawn - $75+Restitution
  2. The first violation must be paid through the Business Office within seven (7) days of receipt. After seven days the Director of Safety and Security will notify Human Resources of the unpaid violation. If the first violation remains unpaid and the employee receives another, subsequent, parking violation, the vehicle may be BOOTED until all outstanding violations are paid.
  3. Continued non-compliance with University parking regulations may result in suspension of campus parking privileges.
  4. All appeals can be made to the Director of Campus Safety and Security.


The Director of Human Resources, in conjunction with the Director of Safety and Security, has the authority to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice and with the approval of the University President or his designee. All employees must be subsequently notified of changes before they take effect.



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