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Employment: Job Descriptions

Date approved:
June 2011
Approved by:
Date to be reviewed:
May 2012
Reviewed by:
Director of Human Resources
Date revised:
Revision number:
Compliance Committee:
As Scheduled


All positions at Wheeling Jesuit University will have a complete job description of assigned duties, required and preferred experiences and skills, pay grade, and FLSA status.


2.1 Policy

  1. Hiring managers must ensure that an approved position is created. A Position Requisition ("PR") must be submitted to Human Resources with the president of the University or his designee having final signature approval on the creation of all new positions.
  2. Job Evaluations / description activities will only occur subsequent to the creation of an approved position as verified by the PR.
  3. Recruiting activities will only occur subsequent to the creation of an approved job description.

2.2 Contents of a Job Description

  1. All job descriptions will contain: A Summary, Qualifications, Essential Functions, Personal / Leadership Competencies and Ergonomic / Environmental Considerations.
  2. All jobs will be assigned to a pay grade and the FLSA status will be captured on the job description.

2.3 Create a Job Description

  1. Hiring managers will ensure that a complete and current job description is in place for all positions within their department at Wheeling Jesuit University.
  2. When a new position is being added to a department, the hiring manager should follow these steps:
    • Evaluate whether an exact job description currently exists for the position.
    • If an exact job description does not currently exist, evaluate similar job descriptions as a baseline.
    • If neither an exact nor similar job description exists, the hiring manager should complete a job evaluation questionnaire and develop a position description using the position description format.
    • Submit the job questionnaire to the Human Resource Department. The Evaluation and Compensation Committees will review the job questionnaire and summary, finalize a job description and recommend a pay grade and FLSA status to the position. To ensure compliance with all statutes, Human Resources will formalize the job description and assign the final pay grade.

2.4 Maintain a Job Description

  1. Human Resources will support the process resulting in the creation of the official job description.
  2. At the time of hire, and during the annual performance evaluation process, managers will review job descriptions to ensure they reflect the current job responsibilities.
  3. Any updates to the job description will be submitted to Human Resources to be updated.

2.5 If a job undergoes a significant change in job responsibilities, Human Resources can re-evaluate the job to ensure the job is assigned to the appropriate pay grade.

2.6 All official job descriptions will be retained in Human Resources for reference.

2.7 Job descriptions, job evaluation and pay grade assignment will be completed in compliance with University Compensation policies and federal, state and local laws.


The Director of Human Resources, in conjunction with the President of the University, has the authority to approve changes or exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice, provided such changes are in compliance with legal or regulatory requirements and other policy guidelines.


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