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Employment: Immigration Sponsorship

SECTION: HR - Employment NEXT REVIEW DATE: July 2017
APPROVED: May 2013 REVIEWER: Director of Human Resources
APPROVED BY: William C. Rickle, S.J. REVISION DATE: July 2016

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Any candidate for employment at Wheeling Jesuit University who is not a U.S. citizen or LPR (Legal Permanent Resident) and who requires a particular immigration status to begin or maintain employment in the United States is covered by this policy. Furthermore, this policy provides evidence of the University's: 1.) willingness to follow and remain in compliance with federal, state, local and USCIS (United States Citizenship & Immigration Services) employment regulations and laws; 2.) Initiate the “greencard” process that enables work authorization; 3.) select the candidate for the position following a competitive recruitment process; and 4.) complete the I-9 hiring paperwork upon USCIS authorization, which is either: a) the date of the candidates work visa authorization (the notice date on the I-797 Approval Notice, if in the US), b) the first date of work visa authorized transfer employment or OPT employment, or c) arrival in the US with valid, work-authorized visa status (whichever date occurs first will be recorded as your selection date).


2.1 Policy Statement
WJU is an equal opportunity employer committed to achieving excellence and strength through diversity. The employment of foreign nationals in faculty, administration and staff positions is an accepted practice for achieving diversity. To maintain consistency, the University has established the following procedures applicable to all departments in regards to financial sponsorship of foreign employees:

2.1.1 The department intending to hire a foreign national who is currently ineligible to work in the US must obtain approval from the Executive VP in the hiring department for all expenditures associated with employment requiring University sponsorship prior to an offer or extension of employment. The Executive VP will advise Human Resources of the decision and provide written authorization to proceed;

2.1.2 During the job search phase, Human Resources will ensure that the employee is eligible to either work in the US or obtain work authorization. The department seeking to hire the foreign national will work with Human Resources during the offer/re-employment phase to ensure that the appropriate work authorization is obtained;

2.1.3 All sponsorships necessary for the greencard will be determined on a case-by-case basis and largely determined by the individual's progress;

2.1.4 If the University participates in the greencard process, the foreign national may receive up to $6,000 to include the labor certification costs. The University will also pay the I-140 filing fees (not including premium processing fees) to the government;

2.1.5 A foreign national granted financial assistance from the University (up to $6,000) as provided above shall submit a $2,000 deposit for legal fees as acceptance of the terms above and as acceptance of the sponsorship offer by the department. No legal work to obtain a greencard will commence without the acceptance of this offer, legal screening of your file, and deposit mentioned above;

2.1.6 Greencards are applied for and issued to the University with the foreign national as the beneficiary. Since the University is the sponsoring employer, the foreign national may only be employed by the University while in the United States;

2.1.7 If all parties are in agreement with the above policy, this agreement must be signed by both 1.) the intending foreign national and 2.) a representative in Human Resources responsible for maintaining the hiring documents.

2.2 Immigration History

2.2.1 All foreign nationals seeking employment at the University must first answer the questions noted in Section I. of the Financial Sponsorship Agreement (attached) with regards to their prior U.S. immigration history. The individual MUST answer these questions with complete honesty, as failure to disclose this information will affect the individual's ability to obtain a greencard.


The Director of Human Resources, in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer, has the authority to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice, and in compliance with the guidelines established by the US Department of Immigration and Naturalization, with the approval of the Board of Directors through the University President or his designee.


Financial Sponsorship & Acknowledgement Form

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