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Payroll: Compensation Guidelines

SECTION: HR - Compenation NEXT REVIEW DATE: July 2017
APPROVED: August 2011 REVIEWER: Director of Human Resources
APPROVED BY: William C. Rickle, S.J. REVISION DATE: July 2016

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To ensure that Wheeling Jesuit University is compensating employees equitably, in compliance with the University's philosophy regarding compensation and total rewards.


2.1 The University will adhere to all internal compensation procedures when establishing, re-evaluating, or adjusting pay grades.

2.2 The University will adhere to all internal compensation procedures and external, government-mandated, guidelines when establishing a new or adjusting a current position within a pay grade.

2.3 The University will adhere to the appropriate compensation guidelines regarding initial job offers, creating temporary assignments, and making permanent adjustments to an individual employees pay.

2.4 Documenting adjustments to compensation:

2.4.1 Individual, stand-alone, compensation adjustments will be documented on a Personnel Action Form and signed as initiated by the immediate supervisor, the Director of Human Resources, and the Chief Financial Officer. The signed form will be retained in the individual's personnel file.

2.4.2 General, university-wide, changes [example: a change in the hourly rate affecting all non-exempt employees or a change in the monthly salary affecting all exempt employees] will be documented on a spreadsheet listing, by name, all employees affected by the change, the level of the change in percent or in actual monetary values, the date of the change, and the new hourly rate or monthly salary. The Director of Human Resources will issue and sign a memo and the spreadsheet; both will be stapled together and will be retained in a file noting all universal changes and the date of the change. When individual employee payroll files are updated on the HRIS the date of the change will be reflected for each employee in his/her specific file.

2.5 Every compensation procedure is a unique, stand–alone, document; they are developed in conjunction with Human Resources, Finance / Business Office, and the Office of the President.

2.6 The Human Resource policies support the compensation procedures as part of the University's philosophy regarding "total rewards."

2.7 Compensation procedures may be found under the heading of "Compensation Guidelines" on the Human Resource webpage.

2.8 Compensation disputes are entered and settled according to the Dispute Resolution procedure.


The Director of Human Resources in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer has the authority to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy subsequent to review by the University's Executive Administration team and with the approval of the University President or designee.


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