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APPROVED: August 2011 REVIEWER: Director of Human Resources
APPROVED BY: William C. Rickle, S.J. REVISION DATE: July 2016

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To ensure that all employees of Wheeling Jesuit University are accurately and uniformly recording and monitoring their time off work to remain in compliance with both state and federal regulations and Universities policies.


2.1 Policy

2.1.1 All employees are expected to be at work on their scheduled work days unless the day off is covered with approved paid or uncompensated time-off, covered by USERRA or the inclement weather policy, or covered by workers compensation or disability benefits as defined by those policies.

2.1.2 All employees are expected to be at work by their scheduled start time and work their scheduled hours through their scheduled quit time unless changed per a summer flex scheduling arrangement, the department's University-approved work procedures, or the inclement weather policy is in effect.

2.1.3 All days off must be documented appropriately either in paper format and sent to Human Resources or electronically on the time keeping system in effect (currently ADP).

2.2 Documenting Time Off

2.2.1 Staff employees, as FLSA designated non-exempt employees, must accurately document all time-off or late arrivals/early quits on the time keeping system and note the reason for the time off, late arrival, or early quit; if the Staff employee leaves campus during lunch the times leaving and returning to work must be noted as well.

2.2.2 Administrative employees will document all personal time-off (vacation, personal, sick, etc.) on the time keeping system as required by the specific policy.

2.2.3 All time off work, paid or uncompensated, must be approved by the employee's immediate supervisor.

2.3 Reporting Off Procedure

2.3.1 Employees must call in advance of their scheduled start time if they are reporting off sick. When they return, the absence is to be documented accordingly.

2.3.2 Employees intending to take a personal or vacation day must notify their immediate supervisor in advance and enter the date on the time keeping system.

2.3.3 Employees who are scheduled for military training must notify their immediate supervisor and Human Resources in advance and as soon as possible per the policy guidelines.

2.3.4 Employees who intend to take FMLA Leave must complete all required documentation in advance of the leave and will be notified by Human Resources if their leave is approved as FMLA leave.

2.3.5 Employees who take an emergency FMLA Leave will be forwarded the documentation and must complete it as soon as possible.

2.3.6 All absences or late reports due to inclement weather must be documented. The University may forgive late reports per the inclement weather policy.

2.3.7 Ongoing absences for FMLA, short or long term disability, pre-approved uncompensated time off, etc, do not have to be documented daily. The initial documentation will include both start and return dates and all dates in between will be noted with Human Resources.

2.3.8 Staff employees on a summer flex schedule or who are authorized by their supervisor to either leave early or report later than their scheduled start time based upon their department schedule must nonetheless accurately document all time in and out on their time sheets. EXCEPTION: An employee may be permitted to "flex" his/her work schedule to accommodate a one-time, short term, family or personal emergency upon the recommendation of the employee's immediate supervisor and with the approval of Human Resources and the President of the University (or his designee).

2.4 Failure to Report or Unauthorized Time Off
Employees who: fail to report time-off or changes in their start / stop times (Staff); take unauthorized time-off or time-off in excess of the allotted amounts; experience continual or excessive late arrivals / early quits; inaccurately report or record their time at work or time off will be disciplined per the corrective discipline policy.


The Director of Human Resources has the authority to change, modify or approve exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice and with the approval of the University President or designee.



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