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Employment: Budgeted Hiring Process

SECTION: HR - Employment NEXT REVIEW DATE: May 2017
APPROVED: July 2013 REVIEWER: Director of Human Resources
APPROVED BY: William C. Rickle, S.J. REVISION DATE: June 2016

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Included in the annual budgeting process are both the COMPENSATION BUDGET (covering both salary and wages for existing positions) and an OPEN POSITIONS BUDGET (for new or vacant positions covering all units of the University to include projected salary or wages).


2.1 COMPENSATION BUDGET - Approved (Existing) Positions
All existing, pre-approved, positions and actual compensation for each incumbent will be listed in the annual Compensation Budget by department and the appropriate account. This Budget will be part of the annual Budgeting Process undertaken by the Executive Team functioning as the President's Budget Committee. The Compensation Budget is subject to executive approval by the President and the CFO.

2.2 OPEN POSITIONS BUDGET - Unapproved (New) or Vacant Positions

2.2.1 The Open Positions Budget will consist of two (2) parts:

  • All money forecast to cover compensation for NEW positions AND all money from the Compensation Budget available for VACANT positions will be moved into Open Positions Budget "A."
  • Requisitions for NEW, approved, positions will be placed in the Open Positions Budget "B" for processing upon receipt of the signed requisition along with requisitions for VACANT, approved, positions.

2.2.2 Once a position is filled, the requisition for the position in Part "B" will be matched with the compensation for that position from Part "A." Both the position and the associated money to cover the compensation will be transferred out of the Open Positions Budget and into the Compensation Budget.

2.2.3 The Executive Team can "pre-load" the Open Positions Budget during the budgeting process with approved monies to be drawn against as NEW positons are subsequently approved and filled. The money from the Compensation Budget for all previously approved positions that are cancelled or left unfilled will be placed into the Open Positions Budget "B" and held in reserve against the budget or future positions. The Open Positions Budget will be part of the annual Budgeting Process undertaken by the Executive Team functioning as the President's Budget Committee.

2.3 Upon approval, both budgets become the responsibility of the Human Resources Department. Copies will be made available to the Executive Team.

2.4 All position requisitions for both VACANT Positons in the current Compensation Budget and NEW but as yet unapproved positions will be placed in Open Positions Budget "B" where they will be assessed by the University Personnel Committee. This committee will consist of the Director of Human Resources, the University President's designee, and the Chief Financial Officer who will monitor the finances and expenses associated with all positions.

2.5 Procedure for Filling / Creating a Position

2.5.1 Filling / Creating a Position To fill a vacant, previously approved, position or to create a new position, the appropriate Vice President,Dean, or Director will provide to Human Resources a signed Job Requisition including an attached job description. Positions will be evaluated to insure that they conform to all applicable University policies. The position will be immediately recorded in Human Resources as being "received" and it will be placed into Open Positions Budget "B." The Personnel Committee will evaluate all questionable requisitions. There are two criteria on which a job requisition will be evaluated: Whether it is NEW or a REPLACEMENT (for vacant positions) and whether it is NECESSARY or UNNECESSARY. There are four (4) options:

  • A position that is a NECESSARY REPLACEMENT (VACANT) will be approved by the committee and placed into Open Positions Budget "B" where it will be posted and processed by Human Resources;
  • A position that is an UNNECESSARY REPLACEMENT (VACANT) will be discussed by the Committee with the Requisitioning Party to determine the true need. The Committee will seek to balance and prioritize needs across the University. Consequently, an existing position may be placed on-hold or rejected, and the money for that positon will be remain in Open Position Budget "A" and held in reserves against future positions;
  • A position that is NEW AND UNNECESSARY will be discussed by the Committee with the Requisitioning Party. It will be rejected and removed from consideration;
  • A position that is NEW AND NECESSARY will be approved for by the Committee and it will be posted and processed by Human Resources.

2.5.2 Once a VACANT positon is approved or a NEW, previously unapproved, position is approved, the position will be posted per the Vacancies and Posting policy. Human Resources will support the recruitment and advertising process
to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, requirements, University policies and the recruiting budget.

2.6 Applications, Candidates, and Interviews

2.6.1 New or open Administration and Staff positions:
Applicants for open positions will be reviewed by Human Resources to verify that they conform to the minimum posted qualifications and requirements per the Interview Procedures policy.

2.6.2 For new or open Faculty positions:

  • The departmental search committee will follow the search procedures outlined in the Faculty Handbook and convey its recommendations to the Chief Academic Officer, who will be responsible for selecting the final candidate(s).
  • Following consultation with the Faculty Welfare Committee and using the Faculty Salary Plan as a guide, the Chief Academic Officer will determine the salary to be offered, with the approval of Human Resources to ensure the final salary offer is within the position salary limits in the Open Positions Budget, and subject to veto by the Faculty Welfare Committee if the offer exceeds the limits of the Faculty Salary Plan. Any impasse resulting from a veto may be resolved by the Compensation Committee, which shall have final authority as a delegate committee of the University's Board of Trustees.
  • The Chief Academic Officer or his or her delegate will be responsible for issuing Faculty offer letters and contracts with the concurrence the CFO to certify the availability of funds in the Open Position Budget.

2.7 Compensation (Salary and Wages)

2.7.1 Compensation should remain within budgeted parameters. Budgeted monies remaining unused for an approved open position will remain in Open Positions Budget "A" as a reserve held by the offices of Human Resources and Finance.

2.7.2 Compensation requested in excess of the budgeted parameters must be approved by the Personnel Committee with the Director of Human Resources and CFO certifying that funds are available in Open Positons Budget "A."

2.7.3 Unfunded positions will not be processed.

2.8 If the position posting lapses and a candidate has not been selected, the posting will be closed and unused remaining monies will remain in Open Positions Budget "A."


The Director of Human Resources, in conjunction with the CFO and the President of the University or his designee, has the authority to approve exceptions to this policy at any time with or without notice, and in compliance with other policy guidelines. Changes or revisions to this policy must be pre-approved by the Board of Trustees in advance.


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