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Compliance: Practices

Date approved:
July 2012
Approved by:
 WJU Audit Committee
Date to be reviewed:
July 2013
Reviewed by:
Compliance Coordinator/Team
Date revised:
Revision number:


The Compliance Program at Wheeling Jesuit University will include, in addition to the items contained in the Compliance Inventory, an emphasis on communicating existing University policies, procedures, and corrective actions, cooperating with the stated goals and programs of the University, and working collaboratively to achieve compliance with all internal and external requirements.


2.1 Policy Statement

    1. Both new and current employees will be required to become familiar with and trained to comply with the various University policies that cover the University as a whole. University policies which an employee must become aware of and acknowledge receipt of include but are not limited to: 
      • Human Rights, Values and Ethics
      • Code of Conduct
      • Harassment
      • Tobacco Usage
      • Drug and Alcohol
      • Medical Files / HIPPA
      • Personnel Files
      • FERPA
      • Title IX Compliance
      • Structure and Organization
      • At Will Provisions
      • Equal Employment Opportunity
      • Nepotism
      • Employment of Immigrants
      • Disabilities and Accommodations
      • Whistleblower Policy
      • Expectations of Privacy
      • Telephone / Email / Social Media
      • Internet Security
      • Information Security
    2. Employees assigned to manage a Compliance Area defined by the Compliance Inventory will be made aware of their responsibilities and that those responsibilities will be a part of their annual performance evaluation.
    3. Employees will be informed of the compliance responsibilities associated with their jobs as defined by the Compliance Inventory and that adherence will be a part of their annual performance evaluation.
    4. All employees will be informed of the University procedures for filing complaints.
    5. All employees will be informed of the University hotline for reporting instances of non-compliance.
    6. All employees will be expected to cooperate with investigations or audits and to comply with findings and corrective actions. Employees who fail to cooperate, who knowingly give false information or who fail to comply with the directives of a corrective action will be disciplined according to the University policy on Employee Corrective Action.
    7. The University observes a strict no retaliation policy and any employee who retaliates against a fellow employee for reporting an incident, cooperating with an investigation, participating in an audit, or instituting a corrective action will be disciplined according to the University policy on Employee Corrective Action.

2.2 Measures of Success

  1. The Compliance Coordinator and the Compliance Team will establish general, University-wide, measures of program success and monitor the measures through audits and investigations.
  2. Each Compliance Area will establish and monitor individual measures of success.
  3. Each line entry on the Compliance Inventory will be audited per specific, individual, measures of success.

2.3 Authorization

The authorization for this policy emanates from the Wheeling Jesuit University Board of Directors; it cannot be changed or modified absent the express written consent of the Audit Committee.

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