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Wheeling Jesuit Sends Seventeen Researchers to Present Findings in New York

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WHEELING, W.Va. – Psychology Researchers from Wheeling Jesuit University will present their latest findings to some of the world’s top research organizations at the 2013 Eastern Psychological Association conference.

Fifteen students and two faculty members, a
record number of presenters from the school, will represent WJU in New York City on March 1-4, 2013. The WJU Faculty members leading the group of researchers to the EPA conference will be Dr. Debra Hull, and Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, Psychology Department Chair at WJU and nominee for West Virginia Professor of the Year.

“This is such a great opportunity for our students to showcase their professional work.” Said Dr. Raudenbush, “They have performed some important and meaningful research, and this conference will give them the professional exposure they need to get started on their career.”

Seniors Kelsey Leach of Wheeling, WV and Kyle Burkhart of Barnesville, OH will present their findings in the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in the treatment of a Wheeling child with Myoclonic Seizure Disorder who could not walk. With the help of the duo’s research, they helped facilitate the patient’s first steps. “It’s just an amazing experience.” Said Leach “This type of research has never been done, and to see it work, and see the effects it has on a young boy who couldn’t walk, is so satisfying.”

The following WJU studies have been accepted for presentation:
1) “Effects of cinnamon scent administration on enhancing a multi-session physical therapy program” Presenters: S. Moore, J. Florian, K. Johnson, A. Burke & B. Raudenbush

2) “Effects of peppermint scent administration on augmenting cognitive and creative performance” Presenters: L. Lemasters, A. Capiola, S. Moore & B. Raudenbush

3) “The effects of conditioning on
discrimination in goldfish” Presenters: B. Welsh, E. Sheplavy, A. Long, N. Cotter, R. Stahl, A. Pinkerton, & D. Hull

4) “Differences between personality characteristics and frustration groups on physiological responses” Presenters: K. Asbury, A. Capiola, J. Florian, M. Jarvis, S. Moore & B. Raudenbush
5) “Learning principles used to train Comet goldfish” Presenters: A. McNulty, K. Leach, K, Burkhart, K. Asbury, & D. Hull

6) “Research presentation style effects on students’ perspectives of Chemistry research” Presenters: R. Haley, C. Crihfield, & D. Hull

7) “Effects of food neophobia on salivary pH, cortisol, and adrenal level” Presenters: A. Capiola, A. Schultz, & B. Raudenbush

8) “ABA used to treat a child with myoclonic seizure disorder” Presenters: K. Burkhart, K. Leach & D. Hull

9) “Effects of soccer ball “heading” on memory, reaction time and impulse control” Presenters: A. Capiola, D. Dennis, & B. Raudenbush

10) “The effects of gender, body size and task on personal attribute ratings” Presenters: K. McCombs, J. Kolks, K. Fleischmann, T. Wright, & B. Raudenbush

The Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) was founded in 1896 and is the oldest of the regional Psychological Associations in the United States. Members of the EPA present the latest advances in professional and scientific work to their colleagues during the national meeting and have a chance to hear presentations from many of the top researchers in the field. The speakers are at the international level of expertise and acclaim in the fields of psychology and social behavior.

These award-winning researchers offer the latest advance and opinions in the scientific community as topics of discussion during the dozens of presentations during the weekend conference.

"Many times students have a chance to meet mentors who will help them in their future careers during the weekend. Our psychology majors look forward to this conference and other opportunities to present their research throughout the year," said Raudenbush.

At Wheeling Jesuit, 42 percent of undergraduates participate in research projects, compared with a national average of just 19 percent. WJU students also achieved 100 percent passing rate on national board certifications and 100 percent acceptance into most graduate programs last year, including law, medicine and physical therapy.

Currently, the Wheeling Jesuit campus community is anticipating its annual Student Symposium and Research Day in April. This spring event offers all students in every discipline a chance to research and present their work in a formal talk that is open to campus and the public.

A global leader in academic excellence, undergraduate research and service learning, Forbes Magazine ranks Wheeling Jesuit University in the top 10 percent of the nation’s colleges. One of 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States, Wheeling Jesuit has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a top university for the past 15 years. For complete information, please visit www.wju.edu or call 1-800-624-6992.

Photography Captions:

Photo 1: "Seniors Kelsey Leach and Kyle Burkhart detail their experience in helping a young Wheeling patient with a neurological disorder take his first steps"

Photo 2: "Senior Sierra Moore uses the scent of cinnamon to increase decrease perceived exertion to help speed recovery in physical therapy patients."

Photo 3: "Bridget Welsh and Erin Sheplavy reward goldfish with food for swimming through a hoop. This type of research helps better understand the discriminatory decision making process used in animals and humans alike."

Photo Credit: Drew Mistak


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